26 Episodes

UMMI is an animated series infused with entertainment and educational values targeted for children and family viewing. A charming and warm-hearted woman called Ummi tells stories mainly taken from the Quran and Hadiths to educate her children -- Putri, Alif, Hanna, Aiman & Atan.

Each series features fun sing-along and easy listening songs sung by the characters, which subtlety carries message of daily prayers and good deeds. Many interesting, entertaining and exciting events occur amongst the children at 'Pondok UMMI' (UMMI's Children Transit Center).

Ummi's role is to advise the children and act as the children's icon, conveying and educating good values and the meaning of life. The program intends to leave a legacy of strong moral values based on the teachings of Islam for our children and the generation after them.

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  • The Rich And The Poor

    Episode 1

    When everyone was in a rage after seeing how Alif’s arrogance made it impossible to continue the game, Ummi decided to tell them the story of the rich and the poor.

    Let’s join them to hear the story!

  • Hanna The Magician

    Episode 2

    When Hanna’s magic trick made Atan laugh thinking it was black magic, Ummi explained to them the meaning of black magic through the story of the Prophet Musa and the Pharaoh's sorcerers.

    Want to hear the story? Let’s watch together!