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Modern Tanggang

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The Power Of Al Fatihah


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  • Modern Tanggang

    We all know the saying of the Prophet (SAWS), ‘Heaven lies under the feet of mothers’

    Today, Ummi will be teaching what the saying is all about and how we should be grateful and kind to our mums every day for pouring their unconditional love on us.

  • True Friends

    Do you know what true friendship means?

    Let’s join Ummi who will take us through the life of our Prophet Mohammed to let us understand the true essence of friendship.

  • Story Of The Spy

    Hud Hud was known to be the most popular bird during the Prophet Sulaiman’s time. He was a follower as well as a worker to the Prophet, but one day he went missing.

    Did he come back?

    Let’s join Pondok Ummi to find out!