26 Episodes

UMMI is an animated series infused with entertainment and educational values targeted for children and family viewing. A charming and warm-hearted woman called Ummi tells stories mainly taken from the Quran and Hadiths to educate her children -- Putri, Alif, Hanna, Aiman & Atan.

Each series features fun sing-along and easy listening songs sung by the characters, which subtlety carries message of daily prayers and good deeds. Many interesting, entertaining and exciting events occur amongst the children at 'Pondok UMMI' (UMMI's Children Transit Center).

Ummi's role is to advise the children and act as the children's icon, conveying and educating good values and the meaning of life. The program intends to leave a legacy of strong moral values based on the teachings of Islam for our children and the generation after them.

  • The Power Of Al Fatihah

    Episode 1

    Do you know the meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah?

    Join Ummi and her family to learn the meaning and the importance of Surah Al-Fatihah. It’s known as the opening surah of the Quran, and it’s the surah we read in all our daily salah.

  • Modern Tanggang

    Episode 2

    We all know the saying of the Prophet (SAWS), ‘Heaven lies under the feet of mothers’

    Today, Ummi will be teaching what the saying is all about and how we should be grateful and kind to our mums every day for pouring their unconditional love on us.

  • True Friends

    Episode 3

    Do you know what true friendship means?

    Let’s join Ummi who will take us through the life of our Prophet Mohammed to let us understand the true essence of friendship.

  • Story Of The Spy

    Episode 4

    Hud Hud was known to be the most popular bird during the Prophet Sulaiman’s time. He was a follower as well as a worker to the Prophet, but one day he went missing.

    Did he come back?

    Let’s join Pondok Ummi to find out!

  • Faith And The Dignity Of A Man

    Episode 5

    Watch how the story of Bilal bin Rabah brought solace to Atan after getting bullied by two older students.

  • The Admired Leader

    Episode 6

    Alif was elected as the class president, but was he struggling to carry out his responsibilities?

    Not at all after listening to the story of Umar Al Khattab. :)

    Want to hear the story for yourself? Let's join them!

  • Thank You Teacher

    Episode 7

    Let’s join Pondok Ummi to learn the importance of working together, and how impatience can ruin our good intentions.

  • The Bountiful Bees

    Episode 8

    Let’s listen to the story of the bountiful bees which taught Putri, Alif, Hana, Aiman & Atan a lesson to always be compassionate towards animals and not to hurt them anymore.

  • The Well Of Zam Zam

    Episode 9

    Do you know the origin of the blessed water, Zam Zam?

    Let’s join Pondok Ummi to learn about the five pillars of Islam and the story of Zam Zam water, insha’Allah.

  • Healthy Body And Mind

    Episode 10

    Watch how Hanna was encouraged to take part in charity race after listening to the stories of Terry Fox, Eşref Armağan, and Liu Wei that made her realize how strong willpower can change anyone's life.

  • The Beautiful Sound

    Episode 11

    It’s the first day of Ramadan! Children at Pondok Ummi were fasting, but Putri found it very challenging due to her growling stomach.

    Did she manage to complete her fasting? Let’s find out!

  • The Coming Eid Mubarak

    Episode 12

    Hanna was very upset when she saw her dad donating some money to orphans at school.

    Watch how Ummi explained to her the importance of donating, and how our little contributions can significantly change the lives of orphans.

  • A Special Eid Ul Fitr

    Episode 13

    Ummi and her family are celebrating Eid today!

    Let’s join them to learn how Muslims from all over the world celebrate this joyous day.

  • Fat Legs
    Episode 14

    Fat Legs

    Episode 14

    Watch how Alif mastered his football skills despite being teased as fat lags. He proved how positive thinking and hard work could bring success to anyone!

  • Honesty Is The Best Policy

    Episode 15

    Atan was wild in his imagination when suddenly he started to cry aloud seeing a snake.

    Was it a real snake or was he lying?

    Let’s watch the video to find out!

  • Iqra'
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    Aiman was upset and disappointed when he didn’t score very well at school. He started to think that he was an utter failure, but Ummi’s story about the first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad made him realize that anything is possible if we take the right steps and efforts to succeed.

  • Recycle Please!

    Episode 17

    Atan wants to join the recycling competition, but his siblings don’t seem to help him get the recycling done.

    Will he give up?

  • The Hijra
    Episode 18

    The Hijra

    Episode 18

    Children at Pondok Ummi were discussing what to perform at the Ma'al Hijrah celebration, but Aiman had a different idea which the rest of them didn’t agree with.

    Watch how Ummi’s story about the Prophet’s Hijrah inspired them to come to a mutual decision and stop arguing, making everyone happy...

  • The Exploration Of Ibn Battuta

    Episode 19

    When Kids at Pondok Ummi visited poor Uncle Maideen after he had an accident, they found something interesting in his house.

    It’s the sword of Ibn Battuta, the real sword!

    Let’s listen to the story of Ibn Battuta and his visit to India, all told by Uncle Maideen!

  • The Ark
    Episode 20

    The Ark

    Episode 20

    Aiman wanted to build a boat to save his family if it starts flooding due to heavy rain, but Hana thought it’s a ridiculous idea as rain is always beneficial.

    When Ummi told them rain was once sent as a sign of Allah’s wrath to the people of the Prophet Nuh, the children wanted to learn more a...

  • To Wear Or Not To Wear

    Episode 21

    When Hanna got mixed opinions from her siblings about her new hijab, Ummi told them the story of Lukman Al-Hakim that made them understand that ultimately it’s their own choices and principles that would make them happy, not the opinions of others.

    Do you want to hear the story? Let’s join Pon...

  • The Conquest Of Makkah

    Episode 22

    It’s sibling rival! Putri easily lost when playing the video game while Atan successfully kept passing different levels, leaving Putri to wait longer than she expected for her turn.

    When Putri couldn’t control her frustration anymore, Ummi stepped in to tell them the story of the opening of Ma...

  • Butterfly By The Window

    Episode 23

    Watch how children at Pondok Ummi decided to never give up after listening to the story of a trapped butterfly. They discovered one of the keys to success: perseverance!

  • Trustworthy
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    When Alif saw some money on the kitchen table, he decided to use them, but as always, Ummi was in rescue to teach him how getting someone’s money or stuff without their permission is not encouraged in Islam.