The Prophets of Islam

The Prophets of Islam

4 Episodes

Discover Islam has a unique style of teaching kids about Islam in an interactive way.

Each episode covers an important topic with the aim of giving an enlightened view on Islam through collaborative play. The child to child interaction will benefit kids from learning how to communicate effectively with others and build up their confidence.

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The Prophets of Islam
  • The Prophets

    Episode 1

    Watch Yusuf’s presentation on the Prophets in Islam to learn about the names of the Prophets and why Allah sent them.

  • Masjid - Mosque

    Episode 2

    Zara invites Lola to her local mosque to show her the inside view and what activities take place in a Mosque.

  • Hajj - Pilgrimage

    Episode 3

    Watch Alex’s presentation about Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam, and how important it is to perform Hajj and its rituals.

  • Adhaan - Call to Prayer

    Episode 4

    Let’s learn the meaning of Adhaan line by line to understand its true essence.