Tales Of Wisdom

Tales Of Wisdom

30 Episodes

Start building a solid moral foundation with Adam, Dina, the little squirrel and many others who will take you through their life to share some important moral lessons.

These fun and entertaining tales will educate, motivate and inspire kids to become a better human.

Each episode has a specific goal to teach one or more lessons to understand the core values of life in an easy way. This will encourage kids to learn what's truly important in life: honesty, kindness, commitment, generosity, etc.

Tales Of Wisdom
  • Reading Is Power

    Episode 1

    We have all heard the quote: Reading maketh a full man.

    Watch how Irina proves it!

  • A Dirty Window

    Episode 2

    A couple observed an old woman hanging dirty clothes every day when suddenly one day, they saw it was very well cleaned.

    Can you guess why? :)

  • Kindness Begets Kindness

    Episode 3

    Watch how a poor boy got adopted by a happy family because of just saving a poor little cat!

  • Best Friend forever

    Episode 4

    Watch what happened to Malik when he parted ways from his best friends.

  • Dare To Take The Risks

    Episode 5

    A circus was struggling to draw attention when the clown stepped forward to save their day.

    Watch what happened next.

  • The Effects Of Copying Homework

    Episode 6

    Watch how copycatting someone’s work led Megat and his team to lose in the quiz competition.