Tales Of Wisdom

Tales Of Wisdom

30 Episodes

Start building a solid moral foundation with Adam, Dina, the little squirrel and many others who will take you through their life to share some important moral lessons.

These fun and entertaining tales will educate, motivate and inspire kids to become a better human.

Each episode has a specific goal to teach one or more lessons to understand the core values of life in an easy way. This will encourage kids to learn what's truly important in life: honesty, kindness, commitment, generosity, etc.

Tales Of Wisdom
  • Listen to Your Parents

    Episode 1

    Watch how poor little Adam got injured due to not listening to his parents. He learned his lesson, to never disobey them!

  • Grasp All, Lose All

    Episode 2

    Watch how a greedy and arrogant prince’s battle strategy failed where he lost his turtle kingdom and all his fortunes!

  • A Squirrel On The Road

    Episode 3

    Follow little squirrel to see where he went in search of walnuts without listening to his parents, and how he was knocked unconscious by a big bulldozer!

  • The Value Of Hard Work

    Episode 4

    A rich man wanted his two lazy children to find a job and earn their own money, but one of them decided to cheat.

    Let’s find out who!

  • Smiling Goes A Long Way

    Episode 5

    Little Timmy loves to smile, but he suddenly stopped smiling.

    Curious to know why? Watch the episode to find out!

  • Teamwork
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Adam was invited by his friends to join their group for the young creators competition, but Adam refused to join them as he wanted to participate alone.

    Did he make it through? Who was the winner?

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Episode 7

    Do you know what awaits you if you keep practicing and working harder?

    If no, this episode is for you!

  • Focus Or Fail

    Episode 8

    Daniel was trying to build a spaceship while doing his homework, but did he find any success in doing both at once?

  • Be Positive

    Episode 9

    Amin was very positive and determined to win the national choral speaking competition, but his team was very negative about it, as the school has never won anything!

    Did they win the competition this time? Let’s find out!

  • Too Occupied On Gadget

    Episode 10

    Dina’s mum wanted her to turn off the stove in about 20 minutes, as her mother was off to fetch her dad, but she was too absorbed in her gadget playing games!

    Did she turn off the fire on time?

  • Two Blind Men

    Episode 11

    A blind man was trying to help another blind man to cross the road, as his son was sick and waiting for him to bring the medicine.

    Was he able to help him? Did they reach the other side safely?

  • Be Humble
    Episode 12

    Be Humble

    Episode 12

    Watch how Nadia arrogantly refused to help an injured girl, and how that little girl willingly helped Nadia when she was in need.

  • Don't Be Lazy

    Episode 13

    Do you know what happens when you are too lazy to do anything?

    Watch how Amin’s laziness brought him down with a smack that he decided to never be lazy again!

  • The Bully
    Episode 14

    The Bully

    Episode 14

    Did bullying others help Alif to find a way out when he fell into the river? Who helped him?

    Let’s find out!

  • The Leaking Boat

    Episode 15

    Watch how Latif ignored the minor leak on his boat that led him to lose it entirely!

  • We Are Unique

    Episode 16

    Maya was trying her best to impress others, but was she happy following the crowd?

  • Sharpen The Saw

    Episode 17

    Watch how Jamal outdid his friend Ibrahim by just taking the time to sharpen his saw.

  • Don't Stop Believing

    Episode 18

    Peter wanted to become an ice-cream man, but his friends teased him about his ambition.

    Did he give up on his dream?

  • Give Before You Received

    Episode 19

    Watch how Hakeem’s small act of kindness rewarded him with a life he least expected.

  • A Dream Comes True

    Episode 20

    Umpa has become a very successful fisherman, but what made his dream come true?

  • The Power Of Bismillah

    Episode 21

    Watch how the power of Bismillah saved a king from his evil minister’s dangerous plot!

  • The Deaf Frog

    Episode 22

    Do you know what happens when you stop listening to negative comments?

    Watch how a tiny frog succeeded in reaching the top of a very high tower while his friends failed to reach the target.

  • Always Be On Time

    Episode 23

    What happens when you are always late?

    Watch how little Sarah learned her lesson, never to be late again!

  • Never Procrastinates

    Episode 24

    Follow Fatima to see how procrastination stopped her from entering the writing competition.