Story of Prophets

Story of Prophets

38 Episodes

Stories of Prophets for Kids is a compilation of Islamic stories based on the Prophets in Islam.

The series is ideal for 9-12 year old children. Each video presents the stories of the Prophets from different times. Every episode highlights the work of a Prophet, and how he preached the message of Allah (SWT).

The length of each segment and the easy to understand narrative makes the show an ideal teaching resource for parents and teachers.

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Story of Prophets
  • Prophet Dawud (AS) Becomes the King - Part 1

    Episode 1

    In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet Dawud (AS) defeated the mighty Goliath with just a sling and few pebbles. The Prophet then married the daughter of Talut and fought in his army.

    The Prophet won many wars for the King, and his popularity grew by the day. Talut wasn't happy about it....

  • Prophet Dawud (AS) Becomes the King - Part 2

    Episode 2

    In the last episode, we saw how Talut made plans to kill the Prophet Dawud (AS).

    When the Prophet realized this, he left the palace the same night. The Prophet took shelter in a cave far away from the palace.

    The next day, his brothers arrived and they sought permission to join him, as th...

  • Story of Prophet Sulaiman (AS)

    Episode 3

    The Prophet Sulaiman (AS) was the son of the Prophet Dawud (AS).

    Sulaiman (AS) was blessed with wisdom since he was a child. The young prophet often assisted his father while attending the welfare of Bani Israel.

    Watch the amazing adventures of Sulaiman (AS) in this exciting episode!

  • Story of Prophet Isaiah (AS)

    Episode 4

    The Prophet Isaiah (AS) lived during the time when King Hezkiah was ruling Israel.

    Hezkiah was a good King and cared for the welfare of his people. He took every decision after consulting the Prophet Isaiah (AS).

    One day, a great enemy camped outside Israel to attack them.

    Watch the e...

  • Story of Prophet Uzair (AS)

    Episode 5

    The Prophet Uzair (AS) was considered to be an expert in Torah. One day, when the Prophet was travelling, he came across a barren village with skeletons strewn around.

    The Prophet wondered the power of Allah (SWT) when an angel suddenly arrived and put him to a great long sleep!

    Watch the...

  • Story of Prophet Zakariyah (AS)

    Episode 6

    Watch the amazing story of the Prophet Zakariyah (AS) who was blessed with a child at the age of ninety!

  • Story of Prophet Yahya (AS)

    Episode 7

    The Prophet Yahya (AS) was the son of the Prophet Zakariyah (AS). He was a devoted follower of Allah (SWT) since he was a child.

    When the other kids spent time playing in the fields, the young prophet spent his time praying to God.

    Watch the episode to learn more about the Prophet's undyin...

  • The Birth of Prophet Isa (AS) - Part 1

    Episode 8

    Isa (AS) was the son of Maryam (AS). He was known as a child who spoke in the cradle.

    Isa (AS) was blessed with performing so many miracles in his life! He also made several prophecies which later came true!

    Watch the episode to learn more about the incredible story of the Prophet Isa (AS).

  • Prophet Isa (AS) & His Miracles - Part 2

    Episode 9

    The Prophet Isa (AS) was a compassionate person. He even ignored the Mosaic law at times to help other people. He felt that the people had twisted the law given by Musa (AS) to suit their own personal needs.

    Watch the prophet healing a paralyzed man. Witness the miracles performed by Isa (AS)...

  • Prophet Isa (AS) & Food Spread From the Sky - Part 3

    Episode 10

    The Prophet Isa (AS) earnestly followed the Torah until he received the book of revelation from the God.

    The disbelievers opposed every move of the Prophet, and they once asked him for a food spread from the sky!

    Watch how the Prophet Isa (AS) performed his once in a lifetime miracle!

  • Story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Part 1

    Episode 11

    Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last and the most important Prophet in Islam.

    Watch his birth story and how he met the love of his life Khadija (RA) in this interesting episode!

  • First Revelation of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Part 2

    Episode 12

    Witness the cordial relationship between the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Zayd bin Haritha in this episode! And how the angel appeared before the Prophet in the Mount Hira cave!

  • Prophet Muhammad & First Hijrah - Part 3

    Episode 13

    After the Prophet received his first revelation, he started preaching to the people about the Holy Quran. But the tribes in Makkah did not like what the Prophet was doing and they started persecuting those who followed the Prophet.

    Watch how the Prophet made his first Hijrah from Makkah to Me...

  • The Greatness of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Part 4

    Episode 14

    The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a huge no. followers after preaching for many years. Even the prominent people of Makkah started to follow the Prophet including Umar (RA).

    Watch the episode to learn more about the greatness of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).