Story of Prophets

Story of Prophets

38 Episodes

Stories of Prophets for Kids is a compilation of Islamic stories based on the Prophets in Islam.

The series is ideal for 9-12 year old children. Each video presents the stories of the Prophets from different times. Every episode highlights the work of a Prophet, and how he preached the message of Allah (SWT).

The length of each segment and the easy to understand narrative makes the show an ideal teaching resource for parents and teachers.

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Story of Prophets
  • Prophet Nuh (AS)

    Episode 1

    Have you heard of the Prophet Nuh (AS)? He was the Prophet who came after the Prophet Adham (AS).

    Watch how Allah (SWT) asks the Prophet to build a huge boat, before He flooded the earth with water!

  • Prophet Hud (AS)

    Episode 2

    This episode is about the Prophet Hud (AS). He was sent by Allah to preach to the people of 'Ad. The story is mentioned in the eleventh chapter of the Qur'an.

  • Prophet Saleh (AS)

    Episode 3

    The Prophet Saleh (AS) or Salih (AS), was a Prophet mentioned in the Qur'an. The Prophet preached to the tribe of Thamud in ancient Arabia. Watch how Allah creates a huge She-Camel from a rock, as a gift to the people of Thamud!

  • Prophet Ibrahim (AS) & the Idols

    Episode 4

    The next few episodes are going to be about one of the greatest Prophets mentioned in the Qur'an! His name was Ibrahim (AS) and he was born in Babylon!

    Even from a very young age, the Prophet refused to worship the idols like the people of Babylon did. He gathered his courage and went to the ...

  • Prophet Ibrahim (AS) & the Fire

    Episode 5

    In the last episode, we saw the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) destroying all the idols that the people of Babylon worshiped. After arresting him, they decided to burn the Prophet in a pit of fire as a punishment.

    Did the prophet die in the fire or did he come out alive?

    Let's watch the episode to fi...

  • Prophet Ishmael (AS)

    Episode 6

    The Prophet Ishmael (AS) was the son of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). When he was a child, his father left him in a barren desert along with his mother. There was no food nor water to be found anywhere in the desert.

    How did he survive in such a harsh environment?

    Watch the episode to see the ...

  • The Test of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

    Episode 7

    In the previous episode, we saw how the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) left his wife Hajar and son Ishmael (AS) in a barren desert, and how Hajar (RA) was saved by an angel and their son Ishmael (AS) grew into a fine man.

    The Prophet Ibrahim (AS) finally returned to the desert after a few years and met...

  • Prophet Ishaq (AS) & Yaqub (AS)

    Episode 8

    The Prophet Ishaq (AS) was the son of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). There's not much known about this Prophet though there are many interesting stories around him.

    In this episode, you will learn how he was born, and a small incident where he helps the Prophet Musa (AS).

    The Prophet Ishaq (AS)...

  • The Test of Prophet Lut (AS)

    Episode 9

    The Prophet Lut (AS) was the nephew of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). The Prophet Lut (AS) along with Sarah were the only ones from Babylon who were willing to follow the Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

    After travelling for many days, the Prophet Lut (AS) settled down in Sodom. Sodom, in those days were fil...

  • Story of Prophet Yaqub (AS)

    Episode 10

    In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet Yaqub (AS) reached the land of Haran. He married Rahel, the daughter of his uncle Laban.

    The Prophet continued to work for Laban for twenty long years! In return, he asked his uncle to give him all the speckled and black lambs born during the year. ...

  • Story of Prophet Shuaib (AS)

    Episode 11

    People of Madyan were the Arabs who lived in the country of Ma'an. They were a bunch of greedy people who refused to believe in Allah (SWT). They led a very wicked life. They mostly comprised traders, but they cheated their customers by selling short measures and low-quality goods.

    It was duri...

  • Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) - Part 1

    Episode 12

    The Prophet Yusuf (AS) was the son of the Prophet Yaqub (AS) and Rahel. He had a younger brother named Binyamin from his same mother. Yaqub (AS) loved Yusuf (AS) and Binyamin more than his other children. This made the other sons very jealous and angry.

    One night, the young Prophet saw a drea...

  • From the Well to the Palace - Part 2

    Episode 13

    In the last episode, we saw how the brothers of the Prophet Yusuf (AS) dumped him in a well far away from his home. A few travelers passing by found the young prophet in the well. They decided to take him to the palace and sell him for extra cash.

    What happened to the prophet afterwards? Did ...

  • Prophet Yusuf (AS) & the King's Dream - Part 3

    Episode 14

    In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet Yusuf (AS) was wrongly imprisoned by the chief minister's wife. It was during this time that the King of Egypt had a strange dream! None of the King's ministers or advisors were able to interpret his dream. The King's cup-bearer who had shared his cell ...

  • Prophet Yusuf Meets His Brother Benyamin - Part 4

    Episode 15

    By the grace of Allah (SWT), the Prophet Yusuf (AS) became the chief of granaries in Egypt. He was responsible for the harvest, storage, and distribution of grains across the world.

    As predicted by the Prophet, a severe famine affected the country. There was an extreme scarcity of food everyw...

  • The Secret Disclosed - Part 5

    Episode 16

    In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet Yusuf (AS) placed a golden cup inside the bag of his brother Benyamin. The brothers had no clue what was happening. The Prophet just told them to leave Binyamin with him until they find a solution.

    Why did the Prophet decide to keep Benyamin with hi...

  • The Story of Prophet Ayub (AS)

    Episode 17

    The Prophet Ayub (AS) was known as the most faithful follower of Allah (SWT).

    Shaitan was very angry seeing the Prophet's devotion to Allah, so he decided to mislead the prophet.

    Did he succeed in his efforts?

    Let's watch the episode to learn more.

  • The Story of Prophet Yunus (AS)

    Episode 18

    The story the Prophet Yunus (AS) is one of the most iconic stories in the Quran.

    The Prophet was sent to Nineway. Since the people of Nineway didn’t listen to the Prophet’s words, he became angry and left the country.

    Watch how he was swallowed by a huge whale and lived in its belly for t...

  • Prophet Musa (AS) Grows Up As A Prince - Part 1

    Episode 19

    The Prophet Musa (AS) was one of the greatest prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran! He was born in an Israelite family, and then went on to be adopted by the Egyptian King!

    The Prophet grew up as a prince in Egypt, enjoying all the luxuries of life. But everything changed one day!

    Watch th...

  • Prophet Musa (AS) Hears the Voice of God - Part 2

    Episode 20

    In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet Musa (AS) had to leave Egypt where he lived as a prince!

    He traveled through the desert for many days, and finally reached Midian.

    The Prophet had no idea how to lead a normal life.

    So how did he survive? Was it a test from Allah (SWT)?

  • Prophet Musa (AS) in Egypt! - Part 3

    Episode 21

    The Prophet Musa (AS) went back to Egypt with his family. His brother Haroon (AS) who was also a prophet had received a message from Allah about his brother's arrival.

    The two brothers finally met, and headed to the palace to meet the Pharaoh.

    Watch the episode to see what happened next.

  • Prophet Musa (AS) Exodus! - Part 4

    Episode 22

    In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet Musa (AS) delivered the message of Allah (SWT) to the Egyptians.

    The Prophet asked the evil Pharaoh to free the Israelites, but the King refused. The Prophet warned them about Allah's punishments but they ignored his warning!

    What happened to th...

  • Prophet Yusha (AS) & Prophet Hizqeel (AS)

    Episode 23

    The Prophet Yusha (AS) had assisted Prophet Musa (AS) during the great Exodus. After the demise of the Prophet Musa (AS), Yusha (AS) took charge of leading the Bani Israel.

    After the death of the Prophet Yusha (AS), Hizqeel (AS) became the Prophet to guide the tribe.

    One day, the Prophet c...

  • Story of Prophet Shammil (AS)

    Episode 24

    Many years had passed after the time of the Prophet Hizqeel (AS). The people of Israel had begun to go astray. A tyrant king ruled the land who dragged the country to frequent wars.

    During one such war, they lost the Ark of Covenant which they had been carrying around for luck. When the King ...