Smarta and Her Magic Bag

Smarta and Her Magic Bag

2 Episodes

Join Smarta and her magic bag to help them undertake the tasks and challenges they come across in their little everyday adventures.

The series is about a kind girl Smarta who is willingly ready to solve problems and assist others with the help of her dog Spotty and her navigator. While they go in solving problems, they look at the things around them which they introduce to kids encouraging them to observe and learn.

Smarta’s generosity, courage, and kindness will positively inspire kids to do good and be helpful to those around them. Her pleasant interaction will help kids to improve their listening and speaking skills and thus encouraging them to be more open in voicing their thoughts and ideas.

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Smarta and Her Magic Bag
  • Saving a Flower

    Episode 1

    When Smarta was going for a walk to the kindergarten, she found a flower drooping and in need of water, but there was no water found in the watering can.

    Watch how Smarta and her dog Spotty went in search of water with the help of her navigator.

  • Spotty is Sick!

    Episode 2

    Oh, no! Spotty is sick!

    Smarta wants to buy a bottle of cough syrup for Spotty, but they need to cross a mountain to get to the pharmacy.

    How will they cross the mountain? Will they climb or fly?

    Let’s find out!