Science Made Cool

Science Made Cool

8 Episodes

Join Professor T to have a hands-on experience with some cool science experiments.

The program will encourage kids to explore the world of science at an early age. The discovery-style learning will help kids to develop logical and sequential thinking, and thus fostering the passion of science in them.

Are you curious about science? Let’s dig into some science fun!

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Science Made Cool
  • Clean Your Dirty Coins!

    Episode 1

    Professor T has something interesting for you.

    He is going to show you how to magically clean your coins!

    Things you will need:

    - Table salt
    - Cider vinegar
    - Some coins

  • The Magic Pepper Experiment!

    Episode 2

    Watch how professor T spreads out the pepper on a bowl of water with just a cocktail stick!

    Things you will need:

    - Some black pepper
    - Washing-up liquid
    - A cocktail stick
    - A bowl of water

  • Homemade Lava Lamp!

    Episode 3

    Professor T can’t wait to show you how to make a lava lamp in a bottle!

    Things you will need:

    - Vegetable Oil
    - Some food coloring
    - Some water
    - Alka-Seltzer tablet
    - Funnel
    - A plastic bottle

  • Jellyfish in a Bottle!

    Episode 4

    Would you like to have a pet jellyfish?

    Watch how professor T make his own jellyfish to keep it on display.

    Things you will need:

    - Blue/Green food coloring
    - A big bottle of water
    - A piece of plastic bag
    - String
    - Scissor

  • Magical Color Kingdom!

    Episode 5

    Professor T is trying to create a magical color kingdom!

    Will he succeed?

    Things you will need:

    -3 different food coloring
    -A cocktail stick
    -Some milk
    -Some washing-up liquid
    -A plate

  • Tornado in Your Kitchen!

    Episode 6

    Can you create a tornado in your kitchen?

    Professor T is here to say, yes! :)

    Things you will need:

    - Some water
    - Some washing-up liquid
    - Some food coloring

  • Homemade Erupting Volcano!

    Episode 7

    Make your own homemade volcano with Professor T and watch how it erupts!

    Things you will need:

    - A big tub
    - Bicarbonate of soda
    - Some cider vinegar
    - Some food coloring

  • Diet Coke & Mentos Eruption!

    Episode 8

    Professor T is very excited to show you a messy eruption using Diet Coke and Mentos!

    Things you will need:

    - Diet Coke
    - Mentos