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Rising Star


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  • Marauders

    Mustafa’s caravan was attacked on their way back home from Egypt by a group of Marauders.

    It got even worse when Salahuddin was captured and brought to the Marauder camp to be sold as a slave to Egypt.

    But Salahuddin’s willpower is too strong that he plans to fight against the Marauders to ...

  • The Chalice of ISIS

    Reginald was a frank general who failed to conquer Damascus 10 years ago. He decided to lead his own army to conquer the land of Damascus, and this time, he doesn't want to fail. He wants the Chalice of ISIS to become invincible.

  • The Arena

    When young Salahuddin’s own teacher turns from friend to foe, it’s Salahuddin’s battle to emotionally and physically bring up the strength to defeat his teacher in the arena.

    So what made his teacher turn evil? Who will win the battle?