26 Episodes

Saladin (Arabic: صلاح الدين Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn) is an animated project inspired by the life of Salah Al-Din Yusuf Ibni Ayub, the Islamic hero who united Muslims in the holy war against the Crusaders in the 12th century.

The story begins with young Salahuddin who leaves his home in Damascus with his best friend, Tarik, to seek his own path. But his destiny is much greater than what he could dream of, which ultimately brings him back to Damascus, where the hero becomes a legend in his own time.

The action/adventure series has everything our young audience is looking for; from heroes, villains, henchmen, sword fights, bold rescues, battling armies to comedy, enduring friendship, love, and much more.

  • Rising Star

    Episode 1

    Salahuddin is determined to find his own path instead of relaying his family’s name. His father advised him not to leave his home and people, as it will be a disgrace to his family.

    But everything is about to change when Salahuddin and his friend Tariq step in to save the largest ruby in Arabi...

  • Marauders
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Mustafa’s caravan was attacked on their way back home from Egypt by a group of Marauders.

    It got even worse when Salahuddin was captured and brought to the Marauder camp to be sold as a slave to Egypt.

    But Salahuddin’s willpower is too strong that he plans to fight against the Marauders to ...

  • The Chalice of ISIS

    Episode 3

    Reginald was a frank general who failed to conquer Damascus 10 years ago. He decided to lead his own army to conquer the land of Damascus, and this time, he doesn't want to fail. He wants the Chalice of ISIS to become invincible.

  • The Arena
    Episode 4

    The Arena

    Episode 4

    When young Salahuddin’s own teacher turns from friend to foe, it’s Salahuddin’s battle to emotionally and physically bring up the strength to defeat his teacher in the arena.

    So what made his teacher turn evil? Who will win the battle?

  • Mine Games

    Episode 5

    It took years for Anisa to finally find the person who snatched her sister off from the street. She learned that her sister is working in the silver mines up in the mountains.

    Now it’s time for Salahuddin and his friends to rescue her and the other people who are forced to work there - with th...

  • The Shadow of Death

    Episode 6

    The Shadow of Death has been cast upon Salahuddin. It’s time for Salahuddin to either run away from the death or to confront and fight against the odds of death.

  • A Map of the World

    Episode 7

    Reginald is in pursuit of the map of the world. It has the locations of all the water holes across the eastern desert that would make him easy for another invasion.

    But things get much complicated when Salahuddin learns that his grandfather is involved as a traitor, to sell the map to the Franks!

  • The Perfect Kingdom

    Episode 8

    When the so-called perfect kingdom kidnapped Tariq to make him the king, little did he know the underlying secrets of the kingdom craving for perfectionism.

    But it’s not too late for Salahuddin and Duncan to rescue Tariq before his supreme role leads him to eminent death.

  • Marzuq's Treasure

    Episode 9

    Despite Salahuddin’s advice, Tariq, Duncan, and Anisa set out with the treasure puzzle known as Ibrezium, to find the Marzuq’s Treasure.

    But they are not alone. Someone is on their heels to seek the treasure - not just to find it, but to own it!

  • Dungeons & Daughters

    Episode 10

    Salahuddin and his old friend Omar along with Behram’s daughter Zahrah got trapped in a series of dungeons, but what awaits them to escape is far more challenging than they could imagine.

    It didn’t take them long to realize that the series of dungeons are nothing, but a game of traps and death...

  • Fly Hard
    Episode 11

    Fly Hard

    Episode 11

    Darwish is back again to steal. This time, he is trying to steal the boxes of medicine, putting the lives of many people at risk.

    There’s only one thing that could stop him from taking away the boxes: Tariq’s new untested invention!

  • The Coming Storm - Part 1

    Episode 12

    Behram, the leader of the Marauders, wanted help from Salahuddin to stop the Franks from invading his village; but Salahuddin needs to take command over Behram’s people to battle against the powerful army.

    Will Behram let Salahuddin take the command? Or will his pride stop him from saving the ...

  • The Coming Storm - Part 2

    Episode 13

    When Salahuddin came to realize Reginald’s plan, his friends decided to stay and help Behram’s people while Salahuddin would ride to Damascus and bring Sultan’s soldiers to defeat Reginald’s plan.

    The storm isn’t over. It’s coming again!

  • Moonlight Nile

    Episode 14

    Salahuddin and his friends have got a new job from Mustafa after spending three months on vacation. They need to transport some cargo down the Nile to Cairo.

    Salahuddin promises his friends that it’s going to be an easy job, but little did they know what awaits them and why it’s necessary to d...

  • Here There Be Monsters

    Episode 15

    Salahuddin and his friends need to spend the night in a desert along with a group of kids, after saving them from being sold to a slave camp.

    They take turns to tell the kids how they saved them, but they begin to add their own twists where the story gets completely changed from slave camp to...

  • Sands of Time

    Episode 16

    The host of the game of death poisoned Salahuddin with a very little time to survive, but for some reason, the host offered him a clue to find the antidote to the poison.

    Anisa joins Salahuddin on the search for the antidote, but it becomes more gruesome when the new Magistrate of the city mis...

  • Sisters of Bliss

    Episode 17

    Sisters of Bliss is an organization dedicated to helping the poor, but there’s an ugly secret behind their charitable acts.

    It only comes into view when Salahuddin and Duncan started to act weirdly after breaking the home of Sisters; and only Omar, Tariq, and Anisa can stop them from taking it...

  • When Shadow Falls

    Episode 18

    Kadir, the bounty hunter, is looking for the Shadow of Death, the greatest assassin of the world.

    Wounded and on the run from her enemy, the Shadow confides in Salahuddin, the only one she could trust.

  • The Last Marauder

    Episode 19

    Nazih, one of the richest men, seeks help from Anisa to save his daughter from being killed by an assassin. He wanted Anisa to play the role of her daughter due to the remarkable resemblance between them.

    Knowing the danger Anisa is in, Salahuddin and his friends plan to capture the assassin b...

  • Perchance to Dream

    Episode 20

    Behram reappears as a man to defeat Reginald’s plans, and he successfully earns the trust from Salahuddin until he gets him fall into his trap.

  • Bad Guys
    Episode 21

    Bad Guys

    Episode 21

    Watch how Behram became one of the bad guys, and how his involvement leads everything to disaster - from being a father to Reginald’s right-hand man.

  • The Scorpion Sting

    Episode 22

    Salahuddin was sent to the devilish prison, Scorpion, where escape is impossible.

    Surprised by the news, Salahuddin’s friends meet the magistrate head on to know the reason for sending him to prison.

  • Endgame Part - 1

    Episode 23

    When Reginald showed up as a representative to the Franks, and a protector to Princess Alexandra, Salahuddin and his friends could do no more to avoid any misfortune.

    Without giving up, they decided to keep an eye on what’s going to happen next, but things turn bad when Salahuddin starts to ac...

  • Endgame Part - 2

    Episode 24

    Salahuddin’s friends try hard to undo the brainwashing he is into, but his aggressive manner overpowers everything and everyone, until Duncan tries one last time to save him from being entrapped forever.