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Lesson 2 Jeem, Haa and Khaa

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Lesson 1 Alif Baa Taa and Thaa

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  • Lesson 2 Jeem, Haa and Khaa

    Haris has been practicing so hard. He is back to learn some new letters.

    This time, he will learn how to pronounce Jeem, Haa, and Khaa.

    Can you guess what special surprise Mrs. Kidd has for Haris? :)

  • Lesson 3 Dhaal and Thaal

    Haris has been brilliant with his progress so far, masha’Allah!

    In this episode, he will be learning two new letters: Dhaal and Thaal.

    Can you practice pronouncing those two letters at home?

  • Lesson 4 Raa and Zaa

    Haris is getting very excited about his Quran learning, and he wants to learn more!

    Joining in this lesson, he will be learning the letters: Raa and Zaa.

    And guess what? They are going to make the letters Raa and Zaa out of playdough!