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Solar Energy

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The Legend


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  • Solar Energy

    Juga is instructed to charge a solar sheep which gives light to his tribe at night. However, the General from Shumadan’s military tribe abducts the sheep for it to serve him. Juga has to get it back with the help of Yusi and Shumadan.

  • Trash Toad

    Yusi wants to make nice photos of nature but city garbage trucks spoil the fun. Shumadan and Juga arrive on a balloon and save Yusi from under a pile of trash. It seems they are out of danger but the anchor of the balloon accidentally hits a huge predatory toad!

  • Fishing

    The three friends are fishing peacefully when a huge sea monster swallows their bait. The monster swallows Yusi and disappears underwater. Juga runs to ask help from Shaman while Shumadan jumps into the water following the monster. Which of the guys will save Yusi and become her hero?