Prophets Seerah for Kids

Prophets Seerah for Kids

6 Episodes

Join Iman, Sara, and their friends who will take you back to the lives of prophets to show you some grand and terrifying adventures they had in their time.

The series reflects some ayahs based on each incident to give a glimpse of what Quran says about them. The goal is to educate kids about the lives of prophets in an entertaining way to gain an alternative view of the past.

Prophets Seerah for Kids
  • Abrahah's Elephant Army & His Attack on Kaabah

    Episode 1

    Watch how Abrahah and his army of elephants were defeated by a flock of birds when they came to destroy the Kaa’bah.

  • Prophet Yunus AS (Jonah PBUH) & The Great Whale

    Episode 2

    When Prophet Yunus left his people and boarded a ship, things started to take a turn for the worse.

    Let’s join Iman and Sara to watch the story as it unfolds.

  • Prophet Solomon & The Valley of Ants

    Episode 3

    Let’s listen to the story of the valley of ants and how Prophet Solomon considered changing his route for their safety.

  • Prophet Noah AS & The Great Flood

    Episode 4

    Let’s listen to the story of the Prophet Noah and his ark which saved him and his followers from the unstoppable flood sent by Allah.

  • Prophet Yusuf & The King's Dream

    Episode 5

    Join Iman and Sara to listen to the story of the Prophet Yusuf and how his explanation to the King’s dream released him free from the prison and all false accusations.

  • Prophet Muhammad & The Mount of Thawr

    Episode 6

    Watch how a group of spiders saved the Prophet Mohammed from getting seized by the Quraysh people to help him safely continue his journey to Medina.