Peekaboo Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Peekaboo Nursery Rhymes and Songs

34 Episodes

Enjoy popular English nursery rhymes and songs with foot-tapping music and engaging animation and let your kids sing along and dance with the Dubby Dubs.

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Peekaboo Nursery Rhymes and Songs
  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm

    Episode 1

    Meet Old MacDonald, a scarecrow who runs his own farm. He moves around on his yaktor (a yak, which is a tractor) and introduces us to all the animals in his farm. Join the Dubby Dubs as they sing and dance to the popular nursery rhyme Old MacDonald Had A Farm.

  • Rain Rain Go Away

    Episode 2

    Mr. Cloud is upset as he did not get his ice-cream. Poor little Birdie is in a mood to play but she cannot as it's raining. Watch how the Dubby Dubs cheer up both Mr. Cloud and Birdie in this cute nursery rhyme 'Rain Rain Go Away'.

  • Rock A Bye Baby | Lullaby For Kids

    Episode 3

    'Rock A Bye Baby' is a melodious lullaby where Duh rocks the cradle as cute little birdie goes off to sleep. Watch this video and sing along and make your sweet little one drift off to sleep.

  • Row Row Row Your Boat

    Episode 4

    Hey kids! Welcome to Candyland. Join our Dubby Dubs as they race on a chocolate river. Mitch and Stumpy lead, leaving behind the slow and steady Mr. Mister. To know who the winner is, watch this video and enjoy the classic nursery rhyme, 'Row Row Row Your Boat'.

  • The Butterfly Song

    Episode 5

    Hey kids! Do you know what butterflies and kites have in common? They both are colourful and fly high up in the sky. Enjoy the joyous ride with Springy as she flies with colourful butterflies on a butterfly-shaped kite. Sing this melodious 'Butterfly' song along with the Dubby Dubs.

  • The Elephant Song

    Episode 6

    The Dubby Dubs are all set to find Mr. Elephant in the jungle. Mitch spots him using his binoculars and they start following Mr. Elephant and try to become friends with him. Enjoy the joyous ride with the Dubby Dubs as they ride on Mr. Elephant's back. Sing the melodious 'Elephant' song along wit...

  • The Lion Song

    Episode 7

    The Dubby Dubs are having fun around a campfire in a forest. Stumpy pretends to be a ferocious lion. All hell breaks lose when a real lion appears!

  • The Mango Song

    Episode 8

    Mr. Mister is up with a cart full of juicy mangoes. The Dubby Dubs are relishing these mangoes in their own unique style. Join them in the fun and sing 'The Mango Song' along with the Dubby Dubs.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Episode 9

    A little baby star is lost in space and is crying for its mother. Sing the popular nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the Dubby Dubs and watch them reunite the baby star with its mumma star.

  • Wheels On The Bus

    Episode 10

    Hey kids! Are you ready for a joy ride? Join the Dubby Dubs as they sing, dance and jump around in the bus while riding through the town in this fun rhyme 'Wheels On The Bus'.