Peekaboo Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Peekaboo Nursery Rhymes and Songs

34 Episodes

Enjoy popular English nursery rhymes and songs with foot-tapping music and engaging animation and let your kids sing along and dance with the Dubby Dubs.

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Peekaboo Nursery Rhymes and Songs
  • The Dubby Dubs Theme Song

    Episode 1

    The Dubby Dubs are a bunch of crazy friends who can bounce, fly, jump, run and do anything for quite a good time. So get ready to sing along and dance to your favorite nursery rhymes and songs with the fun loving Dubby Dubs!

  • ABCD Poem
    Episode 2

    ABCD Poem

    Episode 2

    Enjoy and learn the Alphabets with the help of this popular nursery rhyme 'ABCD Poem' along with the Dubby Dubs.

  • Aeroplane Aeroplane | Modes Of Transport

    Episode 3

    Watch the fun song 'Aeroplane Aeroplane' and learn about the different modes of transport with the Dubby Dubs.

    Springy needs to write a song about the modes of transport and Dee offers to help her. Watch the video to know about the various modes of transport as the Dubby Dubs sing this fun son...

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep

    Episode 4

    It's picnic time for the Dubby Dubs! Watch what happens when they meet Baa Baa, the black sheep. Join the Dubby Dubs on their picnic and sing and dance to this popular English nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep!

  • Banana Tanana

    Episode 5

    Hey kids! It's time for a fruit parade. Join the Dubby Dubs as they watch various fruits marching, bouncing and dancing to the beats of the song 'Banana Tanana'. Learn about the benefits of eating fruits in this fun song 'Banana Tanana'.

  • Bingo!
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Hey kids! Welcome to this beautiful world where a farmer had a dog whose name was Bingo. Learn to spell his name while you join the Dubby Dubs and have fun!

  • Chubby Cheeks

    Episode 7

    The Dubby Dubs eagerly wait for the recess break and Mitch becomes naughty again. Watch this cute nursery rhyme, Chubby Cheeks and know what Mitch actually does in the teacher's absence.

  • Farmer In The Dell

    Episode 8

    Enjoy and learn this popular nursery rhyme 'Farmer In The Dell' along with the Dubby Dubs.

  • Five Little Dubby Dubs

    Episode 9

    The Dubby Dubs arrive at Birdie's tree house to have some fun time. But the Dubby Dubs end up being mischievous and create a ruckus. Watch what happens to the Dubby Dubs in this fun nursery rhyme 'Five Little Dubby Dubs'.

  • Five Little Monkeys

    Episode 10

    Hey Kids! It's time to count and sing along with Five Little Monkeys!

  • Hickory Dickory Dock

    Episode 11

    Join the Dubby Dubs as they dance and play around in the Clock Museum in this popular nursery rhyme - Hickory Dickory Dock.

  • Hokey Pokey
    Episode 12

    Hokey Pokey

    Episode 12

    The Dubby Dubs are in the dancing mood and Dee is trying to teach some cute moves to Mitch and Stumpy. However, Stumpy seems quite uninterested. Will Dee finally manage to make him dance? Watch this fun nursery rhyme, 'Hokey Pokey' to know what happens!

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Episode 13

    Meet your favourite Humpty Dumpty, who's had a great fall and is injured. Watch our kind and loving Dubby Dubs treat Humpty Dumpty and put him back together, while they sing this classic rhyme, 'Humpty Dumpty'.

  • Hush Little Baby

    Episode 14

    'Hush, Little Baby' is a lullaby, where the Dubby Dubs are trying their best to make a crying baby smile. Watch this fun video and sing this melodious lullaby to make your sweet little one drift to sleep.

  • I'm A Little Teapot

    Episode 15

    Hello Kids! Let's sing and have some fun with a little teapot!

  • If You're Happy and You Know It

    Episode 16

    Hey kids! Ready for some fun? Clap your hands, stomp your feet and tap your knees along with the Dubby Dubs as they cross each level while singing and dancing to the tunes of the classic rhyme, 'If You're Happy And You Know It'.

  • Incy Wincy Spider

    Episode 17

    Incy Wincy Spider tries to fetch a balloon that gets tangled at the roof top of a house. But mischievous Mitch stops little Spidey from climbing up the house. See how the other Dubby Dubs help little Spidey get his balloon. Enjoy this classic rhyme, “Incy Wincy Spider” and don't forget to cheer o...

  • Jack and Jill

    Episode 18

    Watch the popular nursery rhyme Jack and Jill! Sing and learn this classic nursery rhyme of Jack & Jill with Peekaboo Kidz.

  • Lights of The Signal

    Episode 19

    Do you know what the colours of the traffic signal stand for? Well, in this song, Mr. Wignal teaches us the importance of the different colours of a traffic signal. Let's follow these traffic rules along with the Dubby Dubs and sing this fun song, 'Lights Of The Signal'.

  • London Bridge Is Falling Down

    Episode 20

    The Dubby Dubs are standing in front of the London Bridge. Springy tries to build her own bridge using sand, wood and bricks; but each time she fails and the bridge comes crumbling down. Watch how Duh and Birdie come up with a brilliant idea and help Springy to build her bridge in this fun nurser...

  • Mary Had A Little Lamb

    Episode 21

    Mary wishes for a pet and gets an adorable little lamb. Watch Mary and the Dubby Dubs as they have fun with the little lamb in this classic rhyme 'Mary Had A Little Lamb.'

  • Mulberry Bush

    Episode 22

    Listen, learn and get your hands together. Sing this sweet melodious rhyme 'Mulberry Bush' with the Dubby Dubs.

  • My Name Is Amy

    Episode 23

    Amy goes for a joy ride in a spaceship with her Dubby Dub friends, Mr. Mister and Dee. Up in space, they see all the alphabets from A - Z float by. The Dubby Dubs begin to learn the alphabets along with Amy. Join Amy and the Dubby Dubs in their adventurous ride as they sing the 'ABC Song'.

  • Naughty Monkey

    Episode 24

    It's picnic time for Dee and Birdie. But just as they are about to feast on their picnic basket, a naughty monkey steals away their goodies. Watch how Dee and Birdie deal with the mischievous monkey in this fun rhyme, 'Naughty Monkey'.