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Ibn Sina

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  • Ibn Sina

    Ibn Sina was born in the village of “Afshana” near “Bukhara”. He was given the title of the “Father of Medicine”. Ibn Sina created an instrument similar to the Vernier. He explained the concept of the force of gravity and classified the diseases that could be spread through metal, and he was able...

  • Al Farabi

    Al Farabi was born in Farab Turkistan. He was known as Al Pharabius in the West and was known as one of the greatest teachers to come after Aristotle. He was a scholar who was capable to proficiently write and converse in 5 languages. His greatest contribution was to the field of Logic where he d...

  • Ibn Rushd

    Ibn Rush was born in Cordoba, Spain. He was a prominent thinker and scientist who was involved in the development of many Islamic institutions in Morocco. He produced three types of commentaries on the works of Aristotle, which are “Al Jami”, “Al Takhlis”, and “Al Tafsir”. He also translated and ...