Omar & Hana

Omar & Hana

2 Seasons

Follow the journey of Omar, Hana, their family and friends as they play, learn and teach good Islamic characteristic and moral values through songs. Alhamdulillah!

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Omar & Hana
  • Loving Orphans

    Episode 1

    Sufi, Omar & Hana's new friend, has just lost his parents. Omar & Hana reassures him that love is all around and that he is never alone.

  • Assalamu alaikum

    Episode 2

    Let’s spread peace and mercy with the greetings “Assalammualaikum”. Follow Omar & Hana as they greet everyone with salam and spread love all around them.

  • The Virtues Of Salah

    Episode 3

    Mama and Papa give Omar & Hana a little history lesson about two Muslim icons who not only are successful in their fields but disciplined in performing salah too!