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Om Nom Stories

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Om Nom Stories
  • Strange Delivery

    Episode 1

    Ding Dong! Find out how Om Nom’s journey began in the first episode of Om Nom Stories.

  • Bath Time
    Episode 2

    Bath Time

    Episode 2

    Splish splash! Giving Om Nom a bath turns into an adventure in this classic Om Nom Stories episode. 

  • Favorite Food

    Episode 3

    Om Nom is on a mission to find his favorite food and nothing will stop him until he finds an answer!

  • Candy Prescription

    Episode 4

    Om Nom has a bad case of the Monday morning blues!

    Now he’s on a mission to find the one thing that will make him feel better… candy!

  • Magic Tricks

    Episode 5

    Abracadabra! Om Nom is about to learn a few magic tricks in this classic Om Nom Stories episode.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Episode 6

    Evan wants to paint, but he just can’t get Om Nom to sit still. Maybe we should tell him that there is only one way to get Om Nom to cooperate… candy!

  • Candy Can
    Episode 7

    Candy Can

    Episode 7

    So close and yet so far! Find out if Om Nom is able to solve the mystery of the glass jar and free his candy in this classic Om Nom Stories episode.

  • Robo Friend

    Episode 8

    This robot sure knows the way to Om Nom’s heart!

    Hint: it’s sweet! Watch this episode of Om Nom Stories and see how Om Nom dances when he’s eaten too much candy.

  • Time Travel

    Episode 9

    Strange things are happening in Om Nom’s home! The floor is shaking, his candy is moving, and the room is filled with strange noises. Watch this sweet video and find out how Om Nom’s time travel adventure began!

  • Time Travel - The Middle Ages

    Episode 10

    Om Nom has traveled to The Middle Ages to find his ancestor.

    Does he have what it takes to pull the sword from the stone and join the Knights of the Candy Table?

    Find out in this sweet episode of Om Nom Stories.

  • Time Travel - The Renaissance

    Episode 11

    Om Nom has set off on his latest time travel adventure. This time, he is visiting The Renaissance, an era filled with art, science, and, to Om Nom’s delight, CANDY!

    Watch this exciting Om Nom Stories episode and find out what other discoveries he and his ancestor are able to make.

  • Time Travel - Pirate Ship

    Episode 12

    Sweet! Om Nom’s time machine has delivered him to a tropical island! Find out if Om Nom has what it takes to help his ancestor find the sweetest treasure of all!  

  • Time Travel - Ancient Egypt

    Episode 13

    Most Pharaohs wanted their tombs to be filled with gold and silver. Fortunately, Om Nom’s ancestor preferred something much tastier – CANDY!

    Find out if Om Nom is able to escape from the ancient tomb with his life, and candy, intact!

  • Time Travel - The Stone Age

    Episode 14

    Om Nom has traveled back to the Stone Age and is looking for his ancestor.

    Watch Om Nom battle his way past carnivorous plants, giant insects, and baby dinosaurs on his mission to feed Prehistoric Om Nom with candy!

  • Time Travel - Wild West

    Episode 15

    Yeehaw! Om Nom has travelled back to the Wild West in search of his ancestor, Sheriff Om Nom.

    Watch Om Nom's wildest adventure yet and find out if his brush with the law results in a severe punishment or a sweet reward!

  • Time Travel - Home Sweet Home

    Episode 16

    Oh no... Om Nom is trapped in a time warp!

    Will he make it home safely?

    Watch this action-packed Om Nom Stories episode and see if Om Nom can navigate the winds of time and make it home sweet home.

  • Unexpected Adventure

    Episode 17

    Want to know how Om Nom's unexpected adventure began?

    Watch this exclusive video and see how Om Nom met his new friends, the Nommies!

  • Unexpected Adventure - Forest

    Episode 18

    SWEET! Candy really does grow on trees! And, with Roto by his side, Om Nom can prove it!

    Watch this video to see Om Nom's new friend, Roto, lift him to new heights of candy collecting fun.

  • Unexpected Adventure - Sandy Dam

    Episode 19

    Om Nom risks losing his candy to save a new friend in this action-packed Om Nom Stories episode.

    It's a good thing too, because, with Lick by his side, no chasm is too wide to stop Om Nom from reaching his goals!

    Ready to join the action?

  • Unexpected Adventure - Junkyard

    Episode 20

    Om Nom is separated from his candy by a canyon in this surprising Om Nom Stories episode.

    Fortunately, with help from his new friend Blue, no gap is wide enough to keep Om Nom from his ultimate goal -- CANDY!

  • Unexpected Adventure - City Park

    Episode 21

    Om Nom battles howling winds and fierce rain in this gripping Om Nom Stories episode.

    Fortunately, with Toss by his side, no storm is too powerful and no building is too high to keep Om Nom from his candy!

  • Unexpected Adventure - Underground

    Episode 22

    Om Nom gives Boo a taste of his own medicine in this action-packed Om Nom stories episode!

    Watch Om Nom as he battles past banana peels, cobwebs and dusty ventilation shafts on his quest for candy. Fortunately, with Boo by his side, Om Nom has plenty of motivation to keep moving!

  • Unexpected Adventure - Fruit Market

    Episode 23

    Om Nom has discovered another sweet location on his unexpected adventure -- the fruit market!

    Fortunately, with Snailbrow by his side, no pear is too prickly and no chasm too wide to stop Om Nom from reaching his candy.

  • Unexpected Adventure - Bakery

    Episode 24

    This episode of Om Nom Stories is really hot: Om Nom finds himself in the bakery!

    There he meets Ginger, who is dangerous on the first sight, but in the end appears to be really friendly and helps our hero get the candy.