Marvelous Stories from Quran

Marvelous Stories from Quran

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For the first time exclusively on Ali Huda, we bring Marvellous Stories from the Quran for Muslim kids around the world in English.

Each story teaches your child a valuable lesson from the Quran with inspiring personalities.

Marvelous Stories from Quran
  • The Thousand Dinars - Part 1

    Episode 1

    Watch how an abaya knitter burrowed some money to start his business, and how he strived to pay it back when the odds are against him.

  • The Thousand Dinars - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Yuram's wife was shocked to hear the tale of her husband, how he sent the money in a log. What she didn't know was the complete trust he placed in Allah which eventually gave him a very pleasant surprise.

  • Barsisa - Part 1

    Episode 3

    Barsisa was a devoted monk who spent all his time remembering and worshipping Allah. Even no Shaitan could mislead him and they all got confused. But there was one Shaitan who was optimistic and began to make his plans to mislead Barsisa without failing this time.

  • Barsisa - Part 2

    Episode 4

    The brothers entrusted Monk Barsisa to take care of their sister Remonda until they come back from Jihad. But it wasn't easy when Shaitan began to play his tricks to make the Monk fall under his trap.

  • Barsisa - Part 3

    Episode 5

    Barsisa made up his mind to bury his secret forever. He decided to get rid of everyone who stood against him. What he didn't realize was that no one stood by him.

  • The Gold Jar

    Episode 6

    Watch how a merchant sold his house, and how the buyer found a jar full of gold coins in the garden which they both refused to accept.