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The Stolen Shield - Part 2

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The Stolen Shield - Part 1


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  • The Stolen Shield - Part 2

    When Tohme successfully proved his Jewish neighbor guilty, Katada was criticized for accusing a Muslim without any proof, but little did they know what was going to happen next.

  • The Stolen Shield - Part 3

    Tohme escaped from Medina after he was found guilty. He left Islam and joined the disbelievers of Mecca, but his fate turned from better to worse.

  • Missed Out - Part 1

    Kaeb Bin Malek (RA) was a brave man and a devoted believer. During the Roman attack, he planned to travel to Tabuk after picking the fruits from his garden. When Kaeb (RA) went to join the army, they had already crossed a great distance. Realizing that it was too late, Kaeb (RA) decided to stay i...