Marvelous Stories from Quran

Marvelous Stories from Quran

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For the first time exclusively on Ali Huda, we bring Marvellous Stories from the Quran for Muslim kids around the world in English.

Each story teaches your child a valuable lesson from the Quran with inspiring personalities.

Marvelous Stories from Quran
  • The Stolen Shield - Part 1

    Episode 1

    Tohme, a member from El Khazraj tribe, stole the valuable shield from a Sahaba's house. He was seen carrying a sack by Katada, a member from the El Aouss tribe. To escape from the accusation, Tohme along with his friend planned to prove an innocent man guilty.

  • The Stolen Shield - Part 2

    Episode 2

    When Tohme successfully proved his Jewish neighbor guilty, Katada was criticized for accusing a Muslim without any proof, but little did they know what was going to happen next.

  • The Stolen Shield - Part 3

    Episode 3

    Tohme escaped from Medina after he was found guilty. He left Islam and joined the disbelievers of Mecca, but his fate turned from better to worse.

  • Missed Out - Part 1

    Episode 4

    Kaeb Bin Malek (RA) was a brave man and a devoted believer. During the Roman attack, he planned to travel to Tabuk after picking the fruits from his garden. When Kaeb (RA) went to join the army, they had already crossed a great distance. Realizing that it was too late, Kaeb (RA) decided to stay i...

  • Missed Out - Part 2

    Episode 5

    After successfully defeating the Romans, the Prophet (SAW) returned to the mosque to inquire about the people who stayed in Medina. When Kaeb Bin Malek and two other companions had no excuse for not joining the army, the Prophet (SAW) forbid the people of Medina from talking to the three. Hearing...

  • Missed Out - Part 3

    Episode 6

    Things didn't go very well for Kaeb Bin Malek. 40 days went by and he was still forced to live in isolation. It didn't get any better when the Prophet ordered the three Sahabas to stay away from their wives as well. Everything seemed to work against the three until a Quran verse was revealed on a...

  • Trapped in the Cave - Part 1

    Episode 7

    When it started raining heavily in a faraway desert, three travelers got caught in the rain, unable to continue their journey.

    They found a cave up in the mountains to take shelter and spend their day until the rain stops, but little did they know what awaits them in their adventure.​

  • Trapped in the Cave - Part 2

    Episode 8

    The travelers finally realized that there's no way to get out of the cave. The rock completely blocked its entrance without even letting the air to get in.

    Knowing that only Allah could ease their situation, they decided to sincerely ask Allah's help by mentioning one of their best deeds they ...

  • Trapped in the Cave - Part 3

    Episode 9

    When Rabeh, one of the travelers, prayed to Allah by mentioning his good conduct towards his parents, the rock moved a little bit, allowing them to breathe some fresh air.

    Surprised by how quickly Allah answered Rabah's prayer, Ziad, one of the other travelers, decided to tell his story with t...

  • Trapped in the Cave - Part 4

    Episode 10

    The rock only needs to make one move for the travelers to set them free.

    It's time for Ammar to recall his best deed to change the fate of him and his friends.

  • Fair Monkey
    Episode 11

    Fair Monkey

    Episode 11

    Mr. Kharbutin was a winemaker. He earned his fortune by mixing water with wine.

    Mr. Kharbutin fired his servant Hosrom and hired a monkey to save some money, but his plan worked against him when the monkey intervened to make a fair share distribution.

  • The Milkmaid

    Episode 12

    During the caliphate of Umar (RA), there lived a mother and daughter who earned a living out of milking their camel. They had a hard time to make ends meet.

    Without having another way out, the mother suggested mixing some water with the camel milk, but they didn't know there was a third person...

  • The Companions of the Rass - Part 1

    Episode 13

    Watch how King Tarkudh and his people worshipped the 12 pine trees planted by Japeth, the son of the Prophet Noah; and how Shaitan tricked them to firm their belief they had in those so-called Blessed Trees.

  • The Companions of the Rass - Part 2

    Episode 14

    When King Tarkudh heard about the Prophet Hanzalah, he saw him as a threat to his kingdom and power.

    To stop the Prophet from continuing his mission, the king decided to slaughter the cattle that belonged to the Prophet. But what followed after was something the king never expected.

  • The Companions of the Rass - Part 3

    Episode 15

    When King Tarkudh's plan to defeat the Prophet failed massively, he noticed that his people's faith in the blessed trees started to weaken.

    To solve the problem, he made another plan, and this time, he planned to get rid of the Prophet altogether.

  • The Story of Bal'aam - Part 1

    Episode 16

    Bal'aam, son of Beor, lived during the times of the Prophet Musa (AS). He was very pious and devoted that Allah answered his prayers instantly.

    Knowing that Bal'aam could ask for anything, his country people decided to seek his help, to destroy the Prophet Musa (AS)'s people who were living on...

  • The Story of Bal'aam - Part 2

    Episode 17

    Bal'aam's desires overtook him that he finally agreed to curse the Prophet Musa (AS) and his followers.

    But what Bal'aam didn't know was the plan of Allah that was destined to change his fate forever.

  • The Story of Bal'aam - Part 3

    Episode 18

    Bal'aam led himself astray as well as his people to work against the Prophet Musa's followers.

    All went well for him until Allah ordained to put an end to his pride and status, once and for all.

  • The Three Prophets - Part 1

    Episode 19

    Habib was a carpenter who lived in a village called Antioch. The people in Antioch were clearly in astray as they worshiped idols and not believed in Allah.

    To guide them to the truth, Allah sent three prophets to the village, but the people were never ready to listen, and they planned to stop...

  • The Three Prophets - Part 2

    Episode 20

    Habib started believing in Allah after the three prophets cured his skin disease. His faith kept growing day by day.

    When Habib learned that his king was planning to torture the three prophets, he took the courage to go and tell the king about the truth, but what followed after was an unexpect...

  • The Sheep & The Vineyard - Part 1

    Episode 21

    A family with a flock of sheep was traveling across the desert. They decided to spend a night in an empty place next to a vineyard.

    The family woke up the next morning hearing someone yelling outside, but they weren't prepared to see what awaited them.

  • The Sheep & The Vineyard - Part 2

    Episode 22

    The Prophet Dawood (AS) ruled that the landowner should take the sheep in possession for the loss, leaving the shepherd empty-handed.

    When the Prophet Suleiman (AS) heard about the ruling, he decided to reopen the case with his father's permission.

  • An Ordeal - Part 1

    Episode 23

    There were three Israelite people: one was blind, the other one was bald, and the third one was a leper.

    Life wasn't easy for them, as they were teased and neglected by their community. They were poor and helpless. But it wasn't for long when Allah ordained to reverse their life for good.

  • An Ordeal - Part 2

    Episode 24

    Allah blessed the three men with an abundance of wealth, livestock and children making them the richest in their community. They were living the best out of their lives, but they didn't know that it was all sent for a test.