Leo the Truck

Leo the Truck

63 Episodes

Join Leo and his friends Lifty and Skoop in their everyday adventures as they build vehicles and machines!

Leo is a dump truck. He is widely known as the inquisitive truck as he is curious to learn how things work.

Leo loves building and discovering things. He likes to share some fun with others and be of some help, too!

His friends Lifty and Skoop join him in his expedition to look for the missing parts of vehicles and machines. When things don't go well with Lifty and Skoop, Leo lends them a hand to find a solution.

Are you a curious learner as Leo? We bet you are! :)

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Leo the Truck
  • Car Trailer

    Episode 1

    Watch how Leo finds all the parts of the car trailer to transport the four little cars.

  • Bulldozer
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Leo is unloading some new parts for his latest construction. He is going to build a bulldozer today!

  • Bus
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Today, Leo is going to build a yellow bus.

    We have a cabin, three seats, a steering wheel, a dashboard, two doors, lights, and four wheels.

    Oh, no! Where is the roof? Leo, can you find it?

  • Pickup Truck

    Episode 4

    Leo has some parts of a new vehicle. He is going to build a pickup truck today.

    Leo, do you have all the parts on hand to build the truck?

  • Garbage Truck

    Episode 5

    We have Excavator Max on the playground today. He is picking up the scattered rubbish from the playground to keep it clean.

    And where is Leo?

    He is assembling a garbage truck, so Max can unload the rubbish he has in his bucket!

  • Sports Car

    Episode 6

    A new race track is almost ready!

    Leo is building a sports car today so it can ride on the new track.

    Let's see if he has all the parts to assemble.

  • Cabriolet
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Leo the truck is building a convertible car today! Let's watch and build with him!

  • Train
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Leo is building a train today! It works with fire and water!

    Come and see how he builds it!

  • Leo Junior!

    Episode 9

    Leo is looking for a friend to play with, so today, he is building a dumper truck - just like him!

  • Apple Tree
    Episode 10

    Apple Tree

    Episode 10

    We have an apple tree, all white!

    Leo wants to color the tree. Let's help him learn the colors while he paints it!

    Are you ready? :)

  • Lifty
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Leo is building a baby forklift today! He is going to be Leo's new friend! He will be helping the big forklift to collect the blocks on the playground.

  • Sweeper
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Leo is assembling a street sweeper to clean the streets for us.

    Let's watch and build it with him!

  • Water Tanker

    Episode 13

    Oh, it's a very hot day! We need some water!

    Leo, can you build a big water tanker for us that carries water?

  • Snow Sled
    Episode 14

    Snow Sled

    Episode 14

    Are you ready for Christmas and New Year with snow and presents?

    Leo is very excited, and he is getting ready by making a snow sled with Lifty for winter games!

  • Monster Truck

    Episode 15

    Leo is building a big monster truck, but one of its wheels is missing!

    Can you help us find the missing wheel?

  • Unpainted Tow Truck!

    Episode 16

    There's an unpainted tow truck on the playground!

    Let's join Leo to paint the truck so it can take the broken vehicle to the garage.

  • Playground Station

    Episode 17

    Leo built a playground station, and now, he is waiting for the train to come. But Leo doesn't know at what time the train arrives. He needs to find a clock!

    Let's help Leo to find one for the playground station.

  • Cement Mixer

    Episode 18

    Leo, you are almost done! But the cement drum is missing! He needs to find it to complete the construction.

    Can you help Leo to find the missing drum of the cement mixer?

  • Unpainted Fire Truck

    Episode 19

    There's an unpainted fire truck on the playground. Leo wants to paint it with some vibrant colors.

    What colors shall we choose to paint the truck?

  • Helicopter
    Episode 20


    Episode 20

    Leo has built a helicopter today! But its small rotor is missing!

    Do you know where to find the missing rotor?

  • Fire Truck
    Episode 21

    Fire Truck

    Episode 21

    Leo is building a fire engine today, but its ladder is missing!

    Where has it gone? Let's help Leo to find out!

  • Boat
    Episode 22


    Episode 22

    Leo has built quite a few vehicles now!

    Do you know what he is going to build today?

    A boat!

  • Aeroplane
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    Leo is building an aeroplane today, but the wing and the propeller of the plane are nowhere to be found!

    Let's join Leo and help him find the missing parts.

  • Loader
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    Oh, the front bucket of the loader is missing! Leo needs to find the bucket to complete his construction!

    Can you help him?