Learn Arabic with Osratouna

Learn Arabic with Osratouna

19 Episodes

Osratouna has a revolutionary way of teaching Arabic through animation. The visually rich contents allow kids to learn and pick up the language in a fun and creative way.

The lessons start from teaching the alphabet to numbers to things children see in their daily lives. Each episode has a quiz at the end of every lesson to practice and reinforce their learning.

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Learn Arabic with Osratouna
  • 1 - Arabic Alphabet

    Episode 1

    Do you know what Alif is for? How can you recognize the letter Baa?

    Learning the alphabet is the foundation for reading and writing.

    So let’s learn the Arabic alphabet together!

  • 2 - Count in Arabic

    Episode 2

    Excellent! Now you know the Arabic alphabet, masha’Allah! :)

    In this episode, we will learn how to count numbers in Arabic. There’s also a mini quiz for you at the end of each episode to test your knowledge.

    Let’s get started!

  • 3 - What’s in Your Bathroom?

    Episode 3

    You may find different things in your bathroom.

    Can you name them in Arabic?

    Let’s learn the Arabic words of the common items we see in our bathroom.

  • 4 - What's in Your Bedroom?

    Episode 4

    In the last episode, we learned the bathroom vocabulary in Arabic.

    Today, we will learn about the place we sleep, in Arabic!

  • 5 - Clothes

    Episode 5

    Do you know how to define the things you wear in Arabic?

    If no, this episode is for you.

    Have fun learning!

  • 6 - Colors

    Episode 6

    Colors are part of our life. We see them every day.

    So in this episode, we will learn the names of different colors in Arabic.

    And don’t forget to take the quiz at the end!

  • 7 - Fruits

    Episode 7

    We all love eating fruits. Apple, orange, pineapple… They are all delicious!

    But do you know the names of fruits in Arabic?

    Let’s learn some of them today.

  • 8 - What's in Your Kitchen?

    Episode 8

    Do you like helping your mum in the kitchen?

    What kitchen items does your mum use more often? Can you name them in Arabic?

    We bet you can after watching this video. :)

  • 9 - Means of Transport

    Episode 9

    What street vehicles do you see around? Can you define them in Arabic?

    Don’t worry if you can’t. Let’s learn and practice together. :)

  • 10 - Pets at Home

    Episode 10

    Do you have pets at home? What’s your favorite pet?

    Do you know how to call it in Arabic? :)

    Watch the video to find out!

  • 11 - School Supplies

    Episode 11

    If you are watching our Learn Arabic series, you are probably someone who goes to school. :)

    So in this episode, we will teach you some school vocabulary in Arabic.

    Let’s get started!

  • 12 - The Four Seasons

    Episode 12

    We love all seasons, do you?

    Let’s learn about the different seasons in Arabic.

  • 13 - Vegetables

    Episode 13

    What’s your favorite vegetable? Can you name it in Arabic?

    Let’s learn the names of some vegetables in Arabic, and see if you can find the Arabic name of your favorite vegetable.

  • 14 - Birds
    Episode 14

    14 - Birds

    Episode 14

    Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures we see on earth.

    Let’s learn some of the names of birds in Arabic.

    Are you ready?

  • 15 - What's in Your City?

    Episode 15

    What do you see when you go to your city?

    It’s one of the busiest places, and it’s where you can learn many new words.

    So let’s learn some city words in Arabic.

  • 16 - Drinks & Beverages

    Episode 16

    Drinks and beverages are one of the most commonly consumed items in our homes. For some of us, they are part of our meals.

    So in this episode, we will learn how to say different kinds of drinks and beverages in Arabic.

  • 17 - Food
    Episode 17

    17 - Food

    Episode 17

    Food is a basic necessity in our lives. We can’t live without food.

    Since you are an Arabic learner, let’s look at some names of food in Arabic.

  • 18 - Shapes
    Episode 18

    18 - Shapes

    Episode 18

    We see things in different shapes every day.

    Let’s learn the names of some shapes in Arabic.

  • 19 - Wild Animals

    Episode 19

    Have you ever been to a zoo? Have you seen wild animals before?

    In this lesson, we will learn some names of the wild animals in Arabic.

    Well done! Now you know more than 100 words in Arabic! :)

    Keep learning!