21 Episodes

  • Kukuli - Sharing is Good

    Episode 1

    Our lovely cartoon character Kukuli comes with a new episode to teach the importance of sharing.

  • Kukuli - The Adventure Realm

    Episode 2

    Don’t you want to learn what happens in Adventure Realm?

    Let’s visit the Adventure Realm with Kukuli and friends. Kukuli, Tinky and Minky want to visit the Adventure Realm which exists on the map of Kukuli. Let’s see what are they going to run into in this adventure.

    Don’t forget to sing th...

  • Kukuli - The Dream

    Episode 3

    Tinky has a dream. But what is it about? Let’s watch the new episode of Kukuli The Dream and see what Tinky is angry about.

  • Kukuli - Drive-in Theater

    Episode 4

    Our funny cartoon character Kukuli and lovely friends Tinky and Minky want to watch a movie in the drive-in theater. But there is someone missing, our lovely friend and artificial intelligence car Dütdüt has slept over. Let’s see if they can make it to the movie!

  • Kukuli - Diaper Bye Bye

    Episode 5

    It is time to say bye bye to diaper! Kids will have toilet education with this funny song of Kukuli and will enjoy Diaper Bye Bye song! Let’s have fun together!

  • Kukuli - Brush Your Teeth

    Episode 6

    Kids will learn how to brush their teeth with Kukuli's funny song. It is time to have fun and sing along with Kukuli!

  • Kukuli - The Hiccup

    Episode 7

    Our funny cartoon character Kukuli comes with a new episode and it is time to enjoy his funny song the hiccup.

  • Kukuli - Hold it!

    Episode 8

    Kids will have toilet education with this funny episode and song of Kukuli and will enjoy Hold It song!

  • Kukuli - Finish Your Plate

    Episode 9

    Kukuli tells you kids to finish your plate! It is important to not to leave food on your plate. Kids will enjoy these educative and funny songs while learning the importance of finishing food on their plates.

  • Kukuli - Little Bird

    Episode 10

    Let’s join the newest adventure of Kukuli and Little Bird. Our funny cartoon character Kukuli and friends found a wounded Little Bird and trying to heal before his friends leave him behind.

  • Kukuli - It's Snowing

    Episode 11

    It is winter now and it’s snowing in the World of Kukuli. It is time to join in the winter world with Kukuli and his friends and they will have fun in the snow. Let’s join then and sing with them It’s Snowing song!

  • Kukuli - Messy Kukuli

    Episode 12

    New episode of Kukuli is here! Kukuli is a mess! Let’s see why Tinky is angry at Kukuli. Kids will learn the importance of cleanliness with Mess Kukuli song.

  • Kukuli - Magic Lamp

    Episode 13

    Wow! A magic lamp! What happens when Kukuli and his friends find a shiny magic lamp? Let’s watch the episode to find out.

  • Kukuli - The Sand Castle

    Episode 14

    It is time to build the sand castle with Tinky and Minky. Let’s watch Kukuli – The Sand Castle episode to learn which one has the biggest sand castle and wins the game.

  • Kukuli - New Shoes

    Episode 15

    Our funny cartoon character Kukuli and lovely friends Tinky and Minky are having a race. Minky has new shoes and let’s see how the race goes and who wins at the end. Will Minky like his new shoes?

  • Kukuli - Picnic

    Episode 16

    It is summer now and it is time for picnic! Let's have fun with Kukuli's newest episode and enjoy the Picnic Song!

  • Kukuli - Sleeping

    Episode 17

    Kukuli is here again! Let's see what happens if Minky does not get his sleep! It's time to enjoy with Tinky, Minky and Kukuli.

  • Kukuli - Sock Ball

    Episode 18

    Our funny cartoon character Kukuli and lovely friends are with you with the new episode Sock Ball. Kukuli and Minky want to play football but it is raining outside. Is it going to be a problem for them? Are they going to be able to play? Will Tinky be okay with their decision? What will happen to...

  • Kukuli - Smile

    Episode 19

    Kids will have fun while learning with this lovely song of Kukuli. Smiling is wonderful, you should smile! Let's have fun with Kukuli and friends.

  • Kukuli - Take Care

    Episode 20

    Tinky has a doll that she loves the most. But she needs to leave. So what happens to it? Is it wise to let Kukuli and Minky take care of the doll?

  • Kukuli - The Underwater World

    Episode 21

    It is time to visit the Underwater World. Our cartoon character Kukuli and our friends Tinky and Minky want to see what's under the water. Let’s join them to see what's in the Underwater World.