Knowsy Nina

Knowsy Nina

52 Episodes

Follow Knowsy Nina, the inquisitive girl, as she learns fun and exciting things about science, nature, and everyday life!

This edutainment series revolves around the lovable and nosy Nina (or “Knowsy’, because she is super nosy about knowledge!) and her pet rabbit Smarty-pants as they discover the fun world of science, nature and general knowledge. The show is ideal for little kids who have just begun to observe the world around them.

Are you as curious as Knowsy Nina? Join her in her everyday learning adventure!

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Knowsy Nina
  • How do you keep a pet?

    Episode 1

    Nina would like to have a pet, but her mommy thinks that she is still not responsible enough to have one.

    Do you know why it’s important to be responsible when keeping a pet?

  • How do you stay safe at home?

    Episode 2

    Nina needs to know how to stay safe around the house as she was very close to hurting herself!

    Let’s learn some of the basic safety rules children can follow when they are at home.

  • What are some of the best places to visit in the world?

    Episode 3

    Do you like traveling?

    Let’s take a look at some of the interesting places to visit around the world.

  • How do letters get sent?

    Episode 4

    Nina loves sending letters, and so do Smarty-pants. :)

    Do you know how letters get sent?