Knowsy Nina

Knowsy Nina

52 Episodes

Follow Knowsy Nina, the inquisitive girl, as she learns fun and exciting things about science, nature, and everyday life!

This edutainment series revolves around the lovable and nosy Nina (or “Knowsy’, because she is super nosy about knowledge!) and her pet rabbit Smarty-pants as they discover the fun world of science, nature and general knowledge. The show is ideal for little kids who have just begun to observe the world around them.

Are you as curious as Knowsy Nina? Join her in her everyday learning adventure!

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Knowsy Nina
  • Why do ants work together?

    Episode 1

    Just like us, ants have different jobs, too!

    Let’s see how they work together.

  • What are endangered animals?

    Episode 2

    Nina mistook the meaning of endangered animals, and now she is worried about Smarty-pants!

    Don’t worry, Nina. Endangered animals are different.

    Let’s learn what they are.

  • What are the many uses of fruits?

    Episode 3

    Nina thinks that plants are only capable of producing fruits and vegetables.

    Quite not right, Nina. :)

    Let’s see some of the great uses of plants.

  • What are the largest animals on Earth?

    Episode 4

    Smarty-pants thought that he was the largest rabbit in the world until Nina proved he isn’t.

    Don’t worry, Smarty-pants. You can be the smartest. :)

    Let’s take a look at some of the largest animals in the world.

  • Why is littering bad?

    Episode 5

    When Parker asked Nina why littering is bad, she didn’t know how to explain.

    Let’s see how littering is harmful to our environment and health.

  • What are best friends?

    Episode 6

    Nina’s art teacher wants her to make a card for her best friend, but she doesn’t know how to choose one, as all her friends are too good to ignore!

    Do you know how to choose best friends?

  • What is a color wheel?

    Episode 7

    Smarty-pants has used up all the orange paint! Now Nina doesn’t have any orange paint to finish her artwork.

    Watch how Mr. Voice explains to Nina the color wheel, and how mixing two primary colors can help her get the orange paint she wants.

  • Why do we have eyebrows?

    Episode 8

    Nina sketched herself for her art class, but she missed to draw in her eyebrows because she thought it’s not necessary.

    Do you know why we have eyebrows?

  • What is genetics?

    Episode 9

    Smarty-pants wanted to know why Nina and her pen pals have different hair color. She didn’t know that it’s due to genetics until Mr. Voice explained it to her.

    Let’s join them to learn what genetics is all about.

  • What is our tongue for?

    Episode 10

    Nina doesn’t like her tongue as it always gets in her way whenever she tries to eat and talk. What she doesn’t know is that it’s a vital organ in our body.

    Do you know why we have a tongue?

  • Why do we need vitamins?

    Episode 11

    Nina thinks candy is better than carrots; but Mr. Voice says that carrots are better, as they give vitamins that are good for our body.

    Do you think Mr. Voice is right?

  • Why do we need to save water?

    Episode 12

    Let’s join Nina and Smarty-pants to see how saving water can help the environment, and how everyone will have access to water if we save it right.

  • What are mammals?

    Episode 13

    Did you know that the blue whale is the largest mammal on earth?

    Let’s learn what mammals are and why we belong to the mammal group.

  • What are reptiles?

    Episode 14

    When Nina learned that crocodiles and snakes belong to the same animal group called reptiles, she wants to learn more.

    Let’s join them to learn what reptiles are.

  • What are amphibians?

    Episode 15

    Nina was surprised to learn that frogs can live both in water and on land. They belong to the animal group called amphibians.

    Let’s join Nina and Smarty-pants to learn what amphibians are.

  • What are fish?

    Episode 16

    Did you know that fish have different needs, too, though they all live in water?

    Let’s learn more about fish and how different they are.

  • What are birds?

    Episode 17

    Did you know that birds are one of the six basic animal groups?

    Let’s learn more about birds and how to recognize them.

  • What are insects?

    Episode 18

    Isn’t it fascinating to know that insects have their skeletons outside?

    Let’s learn what insects are.

  • What are dinosaurs?

    Episode 19

    Nina was surprised to learn that dinosaurs were real creatures that lived on earth million years ago.

    Join them to learn more about dinosaurs and how they got discovered as extinct animals.

  • What are continents?

    Episode 20

    Nina thought that Europe is a super country. She didn’t know that it’s a continent.

    Let’s join them to learn what continents are, and how they make it easier to remember the countries and world map.

  • What are the Olympics?

    Episode 21

    Nina was surprised to learn that Olympics is a sporting event and not an obstacle course race.

    Let’s learn more about Olympics and how it brings all countries together through sports.

  • Why must we eat healthy?

    Episode 22

    Nina doesn’t like vegetables, but it's important to include them in our diet.

    Let’s see why we need to eat healthily and how to make the right choices of food.

  • Why do we have responsibilities?

    Episode 23

    Nina is not happy as her mum asked her to clean her room before going out to play. She is still yet to understand that it’s her responsibility to clean up her room.

    Let’s see how responsibilities are part of our life and how doing them leads to living a happy life.

  • How do you stay safe on the road?

    Episode 24

    Nina wants to ride her new bicycle around her neighborhood, but Smarty-pants doesn’t want her to go alone without her daddy.

    Do you know the safety rules of riding on the road?