Knowsy Nina

Knowsy Nina

52 Episodes

Follow Knowsy Nina, the inquisitive girl, as she learns fun and exciting things about science, nature, and everyday life!

This edutainment series revolves around the lovable and nosy Nina (or “Knowsy’, because she is super nosy about knowledge!) and her pet rabbit Smarty-pants as they discover the fun world of science, nature and general knowledge. The show is ideal for little kids who have just begun to observe the world around them.

Are you as curious as Knowsy Nina? Join her in her everyday learning adventure!

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Knowsy Nina
  • How do plants grow?

    Episode 1

    Isn’t it interesting to know that plants make their own food?

    Just like us, plants need water, food, and sunlight to grow.

    Let’s take a look at the process of how plants grow.

  • What's a microscope for?

    Episode 2

    Let’s learn how microscope helps us to see the tiny living things in our environment.

  • Why do we need to conserve electricity?

    Episode 3

    Electricity consumption is also one of the main reasons for global warming.

    Let’s learn about global warming and how we can reduce the overall consumption of electricity to save our mother earth.

  • Why do things float and sink?

    Episode 4

    Nina’s rubber duckie floats while Smarty-pants’ carrot sank!

    Do you know why?

  • What are the phases of the moon?

    Episode 5

    Nina thought the moon comes in different shapes, but not anymore after learning the phases of the moon from Mr. Voice.

  • Why do we need sleep?

    Episode 6

    Mr. Voice insists that Nina should go to sleep, but she doesn’t want to. She wants to know why she needs to sleep when she can play during the night.

    Do you know why it’s important to sleep?

  • Why does it rain?

    Episode 7

    Nina thinks that it would be great to have no rain at all.

    Do you think Nina is right? Do you know why it rains?

  • What is the internet?

    Episode 8

    Do you know how you watch Nina’s videos? And how Nina gets to share her knowledge through her blog?

    It’s all due to the internet.

    Let’s see what internet is, and how it helps us to share and receive information.

  • What is recycling?

    Episode 9

    When Nina found the old bin in the kitchen has been replaced by recycling bins, she wants to know more about recycling and its uses.

    So in this episode, Mr. Voice will explain to Nina about recycling.

  • What are stars made of?

    Episode 10

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a night sky full of stars.

    Do you know where stars come from?

  • What is lightning made of?

    Episode 11

    Nina thinks lightning happens when the clouds play catch, but Mr. Voice has a different explanation. :)

    Let’s join them to learn how lightning happens.

  • How do teeth grow?

    Episode 12

    Oh, no! One of Nina’s teeth fell off!

    Don’t worry, Nina. You will have a new tooth soon. :)

    Do you know how teeth grow?

  • Where does honey come from?

    Episode 13

    Isn’t it surprising to know that the bodies of honeybees process the nectar collected into honey?

    Let’s join Nina and Smarty-pants to learn more about honey and honeybees.

  • Where do fireflies get their glow?

    Episode 14

    Do you know why fireflies light up at night?

    Nina has the same question in her mind.

    Let’s see if Mr. Voice can offer us an explanation.

  • Why do we need to keep clean?

    Episode 15

    Nina wants to take a bath only when she is smelly.

    Quite not right, Nina. You need to bathe to keep clean. :)

    Do you know why it’s important to stay clean?

  • What are the four seasons?

    Episode 16

    Nina’s pen pal Jake is experiencing winter in his country while it’s sunny and hot in where Nina lives.

    Do you know why?

  • Where do rainbows come from?

    Episode 17

    When Nina and Smarty-pants were playing in the backyard, they saw the most beautiful rainbow they have ever seen.

    Let’s join them to learn about rainbows and how they happen.

  • Why do we need to share?

    Episode 18

    Smarty-pants doesn’t want to share the cupcakes with Nina! She wants to tell him why it’s important to share, but she doesn’t know how to explain.

    Mr. Voice, could you help Nina?

  • How high is the sky?

    Episode 19

    Nina’s kite is flying high in the sky. So high that it’s flying free now! :)

    But what surprised her most is that the sky has five layers! Yes, you heard it right. :)

    Let’s see what those five layers are.

  • What is metamorphosis?

    Episode 20

    Nina loves butterflies. She was surprised to learn that caterpillars and butterflies are the same species of insects!

    But how does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

    Let’s join them to learn more!

  • What are some of the tallest buildings in the world?

    Episode 21

    Isn’t it fascinating to know that the tallest twin tower is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

    Let’s take a look at some of the world’s tallest buildings.

  • How does day and night happen?

    Episode 22

    Nina doesn’t want the sun to set so she can keep playing, but what she doesn’t know is that the sun never sets!

    So today, Mr. Voice will explain to her how day and night happens.

  • What is the difference between fresh water and sea water?

    Episode 23

    Nina wants to put Bob, the goldfish, into the seawater; but Mr. Voice insists not to, as it’s a freshwater fish.

    Let’s join them to find out why Bob couldn’t live in the seawater.

  • Why do we cry?

    Episode 24

    Oh, no! Nina got sand in her eyes, and she is crying now!

    But there’s a reason why she is in tears. :)

    Let’s watch the episode to learn more.