103 Episodes

The KikoRiki world is a place full of fun adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short comedic episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant and colourful cast of characters.

In the vibrant world of KikoRiki, there’s always something to discover or an adventure to embark on, while having fun along the way. Set in a fairy-tale landscape of meadows, mountains and more, the enchanted stories of KikoRiki teach valuable lessons about cooperation, creativity, core values, self-acceptance, support and communication. The colourful cast complement one another’s unique personalities. They are never belittling or insulting, and characters accept and respect each other for who they are.

Every episode contains a new adventure and a finished story. Each begins with an issue, problem or question posed by a Riki. Each character approaches the situation from a different perspective to play to their strengths and help to solve the issue, problem or question.

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  • Bon Voyage, Wally!

    Episode 1

    Sea adventures are wonderful: new countries, adventures and dangers!

    It's important to be well prepared, with a compass, warm clothes, and lots of food!

    Who could imagine that Wally would ever embark on such an exciting adventure?

  • Beauty Queen

    Episode 2

    The KikoRikis are holding a Beauty Contest, which Rosa wins of course.

    She doesn't stop there though!

    What will happen when she enters the Miss Universe beauty contest?

  • The Frozen Surprise

    Episode 3

    What a cold winter it is! It's so cold that no-one wants to be outside, but Dokko invites his friends to come and see something special.

    Can they refuse such an intriguing offer?

  • Soccer Game, 1st Half

    Episode 4

    What is more important in football: tactics or team spirit?

    Dokko and Barry are both passionate football fans and are each certain of their opinion.

    It's time to test their theories on the football field!

  • Soccer Game, 2nd Half

    Episode 5

    The football episode follow-up.

  • The Chill
    Episode 6

    The Chill

    Episode 6

    It is not so unpleasant being sick when you are so well looked after!

    It's also quite fun (and easy) to fall sick! You can chew icicles, drift on an ice float, and wallow in icy water - that's how Dokko caught his cold!

    And when Wally sees how well Dokko is taken care of, Wally is so envi...

  • Dream Maker

    Episode 7

    Did you know that the KikoRikis count sheep to fall asleep?

    Wally comes to them in their dreams and fulfils any of their wishes. He helps them dream about anything they want: whether it's cheerful, funny, or romantic, but Wally himself does not dream…

  • In The Beginning Was The Word

    Episode 8

    Carlin decides to write a story about the KikoRikis, but Wally does not like what Carlin has written and so decides to write his own story.

  • Barry's Hives

    Episode 9

    Barry didn't have time to paint his beehives before going into hibernation, but true friends are always there to help.

    Spring is almost here now, will the hives be painted in time?

  • Lucky Stars
    Episode 10

    Lucky Stars

    Episode 10

    Pin is working hard on making a fireworks machine for an exciting display.

    Just as everything is ready at last, a meteorite falls down on the magic machine.

    Poor Pin is in desperation, what will he do now?

  • The Flash Mob Boss

    Episode 11

    The KikoRikis are planning a party but no-one has time to rehearse before the show.

    The friends decide to appoint Chiko as the head of the ballet.

    How will Chiko cope with this challenge?

  • The Gift
    Episode 12

    The Gift

    Episode 12

    Rosa has been dreaming that she has unusual abilities, such as the ability to see through walls. Then, during a thunderstorm, she suddenly acquires an unusual gift…

  • A Big Share
    Episode 13

    A Big Share

    Episode 13

    Everything is lost! From Pin's new pliers to Wally's manuscripts and Dokko's favourite telescope.

    Can the KikoRikis uncover the mystery of their dissapearing objects?

    It turns out that Pin's invention, a slot machine, is to blame!

  • The Savage Clone

    Episode 14

    When Dokko was younger, he was ill-mannered and arrogant and nobody wanted to be friends with him. Dokko felt lonely but he found a way out and created a friend for himself.

  • Maternal Instinct

    Episode 15

    Why is Chiko sitting in a buggy with a pacifier in his mouth?

    It's simple - the maternal instinct woke up in Rosa! She feeds Chiko some porridge and puts him to bed.

    What happens now?

  • Pancake Week

    Episode 16

    Shrove Tuesday is a wonderful celebration where the KikoRikis get to bake pancakes, but wait, one of the friends has gone missing.

    Have you seen Wally?

  • Enter Chikorini

    Episode 17

    A strange relative has moved into Chiko's house. He wears a cap and has a moustache, but behind his glasses, his eyes are rather familiar.

    Where can we find Chiko?

  • Oh, to be a Great Poet!

    Episode 18

    Rosa finishes all of her chores one morning and then realizes she has nothing else to do!

    To relieve her boredom, she visits Wally so he can teach her some of his wonderful poetry.

  • Chiko and His Health

    Episode 19

    Chiko is staying indoors. He won't even say hello to Krash!

    The reason is because his life is full of microbes! In the air, in water, and even on the tips of needles.

    How can he be saved from becoming ill?

    Maybe Krash will know.

  • Bye Bye, Bibi

    Episode 20

    Pin is upset. Sat on the beach one evening, and unable to think of a new invention, he draws a smiling face in the sand. Suddenly hit with a wave of inspiration, Pin decides to assemble a small iron robot named Bibi.

  • My Precious
    Episode 21

    My Precious

    Episode 21

    Wally decides to charm Rosa by sneaking himself a bottle of Olga's perfume and drenching himself in the scent. But liking someone's scent does not necessarily mean they will like you!

  • Making Progress…

    Episode 22

    Krash is worried: he feels like the world has stopped in its development of innovative technology, that no progress has been made. Krash believes that a new invention is necessary to help further advance the science and technological fields.

  • The Masquerade

    Episode 23

    Winter has come and it's time for the New Year Masquerade! Everyone wants to have the most unusual and festive costume.

  • The Boycott
    Episode 24

    The Boycott

    Episode 24

    Rosa needs to talk to her friends immediately, but they are busy with an important issue and do not want to listen to her.

    What happens when Rosa takes offence and decides to ignore everyone?