103 Episodes

The KikoRiki world is a place full of fun adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short comedic episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant and colourful cast of characters.

In the vibrant world of KikoRiki, there’s always something to discover or an adventure to embark on, while having fun along the way. Set in a fairy-tale landscape of meadows, mountains and more, the enchanted stories of KikoRiki teach valuable lessons about cooperation, creativity, core values, self-acceptance, support and communication. The colourful cast complement one another’s unique personalities. They are never belittling or insulting, and characters accept and respect each other for who they are.

Every episode contains a new adventure and a finished story. Each begins with an issue, problem or question posed by a Riki. Each character approaches the situation from a different perspective to play to their strengths and help to solve the issue, problem or question.

  • The Bench
    Episode 1

    The Bench

    Episode 1

    Two inseparable friends, Krash and Chiko, find themselves in a predicament.

    In order to save their other friend, Wally, Krash must sacrifice something that is very important to him.

  • A Prince for Rosa

    Episode 2

    Rosa reads a story set a long time ago about heroic acts performed by knights in honour of their fair ladies.

    Where can Rosa find such a prince?

    All her friends seem too busy to perform heroic acts for her, so she sets off to search for a prince of her own.

  • Plywood Sun

    Episode 3

    The Summer is coming to an end, and everyone misses the sun.

    Is there a way to bring it back?

    Warm sunshine might help lift the friendly crew's mood.

  • The Energy of Snoring

    Episode 4

    It appears that snoring may have its benefits, especially when the snore is coming from Barry. This delightful adventure starts with the morning chores at Chiko's house.

  • The Iron Nanny

    Episode 5

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a real robot?

    It could take care of everything for you while you sit there and rest.

    Pin has made a robot just like this, but something went wrong, and now the robot is making too much fuss over everyone!

  • The Gift of Fortune

    Episode 6

    Wally's happy mood is spoiled by Dokko the astrologist. The stars have foretold that Wally must wait for his gift, but waiting is always so difficult!

  • Who's the First?

    Episode 7

    Rosa is in a hurry to meet Wally, but one small incident ruins their plans and causes the sweet friends to quarrel.

    Who will take the first step towards reconciliation?

  • The Uncultivated

    Episode 8

    The field weeds are such unruly plants! There are so many of them that Barry's peaceful garden might soon grow into a real jungle!

    Luckily, Krash and Chiko are here to help their friend.

    Can they help save the day?

  • The Grand Piano

    Episode 9

    There are many things that a friend must be, including a gentleman.

    One day, Rosa decides to test her friends in a rather unusual way…

  • Fast Friends

    Episode 10

    Welcoming guests is an art and a science! Hospitality alone is not enough: you need tenacity and bravery to be an exceptional host.

    It's time for Rosa to get to work.

  • The Telegraph

    Episode 11

    The KikoRikis have a new hobby. Instead of visiting each other, they sit at home and communicate using telegraphs.

    Somebody must save the situation!

  • The Collection

    Episode 12

    It's fun to start a collection and enrich it every day with fascinating new objects. It takes time, too, but Chiko doesn't hesitate for a moment when it comes down to sacrificing a rare item to rescue a friend.

  • Lily
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    On one of their regular fishing trips, Chiko and Krash show immense courage and real bravery to rescue a lady that appears to be in trouble.

  • Memoirs of an Umbrella

    Episode 14

    Each of us has sentimental possessions in life, and we might be sorry indeed to part with them.

    What happens when Wally has to part with one of his precious possessions: an old umbrella?

  • La!
    Episode 15


    Episode 15

    One day, Wally comes to the conclusion that he possesses musical talent, but he forgets that all good things are best in moderation.

  • The Path to Decent Society

    Episode 16

    Rosa is determined to get rid of her bad habits in order to enter respectable society one day.

    How can she make sure she succeeds?

    Well, she asks her KikoRiki friends for advice of course!

  • Rosa's Birthday

    Episode 17

    Chiko would like to present a special gift to his friend but can't decide which of the cacti from his collection to choose. Instead, he embarks on an adventure into the desert with Krash to find a new cactus specimen.

  • Golf
    Episode 18


    Episode 18

    One day, Krash decides to teach Chiko how to play golf. However, the rules of the game lead to a funny conclusion for the beginner Chiko and his friends.

  • Flying in a Dream and a Reality

    Episode 19

    Who said that penguins cannot fly?

    Nothing is impossible for a genius like Pin! His new invention - an airplane - is already in the hangar waiting for its brave pilot.

    The only problem is, Pin is far too busy reading comics!

  • How to Have a Good Rest

    Episode 20

    Is it good to have an answer to every question?

    It appears that Olga could cope with any problem with her rule book.

    What happens when Rosa accidentally ruins it?

  • The Big Event

    Episode 21

    A total solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon! Krash really wants to see the event, which takes place early in the morning.

    Can he think of a reliable method not to oversleep and miss the event of the century?

  • How to Become a Star

    Episode 22

    An idea comes suddenly to Rosa one day: why doesn't she become a star?

    After some valuable advice from Carlin, she starts making her dreams come true.

  • Krash's New Teeth

    Episode 23

    One fine day, or rather one terrible day, Krash discovers that he has a wobbly tooth.

    What will he gnaw carrots with when it falls out?

    Pin and Chiko, friends through thick and thin, are here to help. Surely together they can solve the problem!

  • Beauty
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    Dokko, an avid lover of beauty, decides to decorate his home by hanging a picture on the wall. Krash, Chiko and Rosa are on their way to help!