Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen

3 Episodes

Kids in the Kitchen is an interactive series of cooking videos for kids.

The quick and easy recipes will encourage kids to get interested in food and involve in the kitchen. The program will teach them practical skills, responsibility, the importance of following instructions, and how to make good choices and learn from mistakes.

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Kids in the Kitchen
  • Delicious Pancakes

    Episode 1

    Rizan and Abrar will show you how to make some delicious pancakes with just a few ingredients.

    Who doesn’t love pancakes, right? :)

    Get your ingredients ready:

    1. Salt
    2. Milk - 300ml
    3. Flour
    4. 2 Eggs

  • Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

    Episode 2

    Want to have some freshly baked cookie sandwiches?

    Join Rizan and Abrar to see how you can make some!

    Get your ingredients ready:

    1. Light brown sugar - 280g
    2. Butter - 250g
    3. Plain flour - 450g
    4. Granulated sugar - 225g
    5. 2 Eggs
    6. Baking powder - 2 tsp
    7. Milk chocolate - 300...

  • Yummy Fruit Salad!

    Episode 3

    Join Rizan and Abrar to learn how you can make a fruit salad with a combination of juicy flavors no one can resist!

    Get your ingredients ready:

    1. Fruits of your choice
    2. Lemon zest
    3. Honey
    4. Plums
    5. Orange juice