Khalil Allah - Ibraheem AS

Khalil Allah - Ibraheem AS

30 Episodes

In a city full of idols, ruled by the evilest king who took pride in himself as the king of kings, yet a dream destroyed his peace and pride, filled his heart with fear and discomfort.

The king feared for his arrival, feared for one man who was born in the midst of chaos, when men were separated from their women, when boys were killed mercilessly...

The man who was destined to put an end to the wicked king's throne, who slayed the idols and falsehood, who stood alone to defend the truth when everyone was defending the falsehood.

That's when the fire began to cool, allowing everyone to witness the truth in their own eyes...

Watch Khalil Allah, one of the best-animated series portraying the life of Ibraheem (AS): the friend of Allah and the father of the prophets, now streaming on Ali Huda every Monday.

Khalil Allah - Ibraheem AS
  • Khalil Allah | Episode 01

    Episode 1

    Azar, one of the most devoted and loyal men to King Namrod saw a dream that was meant to threaten his kingdom.

    Upon hearing the news, the king became restless and ordered his men to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 02

    Episode 2

    Despite enjoying the luxury King Nimrod had around him, he couldn't set his heart at ease. His weakness as a man was beginning to unfold which in turn led to more cruelty than ever existed before.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 03

    Episode 3

    When Azar's wife learned that she was pregnant, she feared for her unborn child. She decided to hide her pregnancy from everyone including her husband. Little did she know that the very child would be defeating the king one day.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 04

    Episode 4

    Ibrahim (AS) started his calling to the oneness of Allah soon after he was introduced to his father. His father felt very helpless. So to stop Ibrahim (AS) from continuing his mission, his father planned to get him married.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 05

    Episode 5

    Nimrod was informed by the chief priest that his kingdom was not in danger anymore. He wanted to celebrate the news by holding a big feast. Meanwhile, Ibrahim (AS) was planning to teach a practical lesson with the intention of destroying their false beliefs.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 06

    Episode 6

    Ibrahim (AS) finally agreed to attend the feast hosted by Nimrod, only with the intention to execute his own plan when no one was around.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 07

    Episode 7

    Everyone was having the best time in their life, enjoying the celebration with King Nimrod. It was only Ibrahim (AS) who set himself apart, determined to change the history forever.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 08

    Episode 8

    Ibrahim (AS) was disowned by his own father. He was sent to prison by King Nimrod with the intention of teaching Ibrahim (AS) and his people the biggest lesson of what happens when someone went against the King.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 09

    Episode 9

    The whole country was smiling, ready to witness Ibrahim (AS) burning into ashes, but Allah had a better plan to save His prophet from the torment. It was when they began to witness the existence of the one and only God, Allah.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 10

    Episode 10

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 11

    Episode 11

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 12

    Episode 12

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 13

    Episode 13

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 14

    Episode 14

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 15

    Episode 15

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 16

    Episode 16

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 17

    Episode 17

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 18

    Episode 18

    Namrod was ready to wage war against the Angels of Allah. He was envisioning victory and nothing else. What he didn't know was that it's the beginning of the end of everything for him.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 19

    Episode 19

    The people of Sodom were involved in all kind of shameless acts. They challenged the Prophet Lūt to bring upon them Allah's punishment. They didn't know that Allah's torment was nearing them way faster than they could imagine.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 20

    Episode 20

    It was very challenging and distressing for Lady Sarah when she learned that Ibrahim (AS) had to migrate with Haajar and Ishmael leaving her alone with her servants. But Ibrahim (AS) wasn't acting on his free will, he was taking orders from Allah.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 21

    Episode 21

    It was time for Ibrahim (AS) to leave his wife Haajar and son Ishmael in a desolate valley. They both trusted that Allah would not forsake them. It was when Allah sent them His help, changing the history of their nation forever.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 22

    Episode 22

    Ibrahim (AS) received the most beautiful guests he had ever received in his life. What he didn't know was that they were angels who were sent by Allah to destroy the people of Sodom.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 23

    Episode 23

    Ibrahim (AS) started to visit his wife Hajaar and son Ishmael. Allah blessed Ibrahim (AS) and Lady Sarah with a son named Ishaaq. The people of Sodom were destroyed as ordered by Allah with only a part of Gabriel's wing. Everything seemed to finally settle when Ibrahim (AS) saw a dream, one of th...

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 24

    Episode 24