Khalil Allah - Ibraheem AS

Khalil Allah - Ibraheem AS

3 Episodes

In a city full of idols, ruled by the evilest king who took pride in himself as the king of kings, yet a dream destroyed his peace and pride, filled his heart with fear and discomfort.

The king feared for his arrival, feared for one man who was born in the midst of chaos, when men were separated from their women, when boys were killed mercilessly...

The man who was destined to put an end to the wicked king's throne, who slayed the idols and falsehood, who stood alone to defend the truth when everyone was defending the falsehood.

That's when the fire began to cool, allowing everyone to witness the truth in their own eyes...

Watch Khalil Allah, one of the best-animated series portraying the life of Ibraheem (AS) who was known as the friend of Allah and the father of the prophets, now streaming on Ali Huda every Monday.

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Khalil Allah - Ibraheem AS
  • Khalil Allah | Episode 01

    Episode 1

    Azar, one of the most devoted and loyal men to King Namrod saw a dream that was meant to threaten his kingdom.

    Upon hearing the news, the king became restless and ordered his men to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 02

    Episode 2

    Despite enjoying the luxury King Nimrod had around him, he couldn't set his heart at ease. His weakness as a man was beginning to unfold which in turn led to more cruelty than ever existed before.

  • Khalil Allah | Episode 03

    Episode 3

    When Azar's wife learned that she was pregnant, she feared for her unborn child. She decided to hide her pregnancy from everyone including her husband. Little did she know that the very child would be defeating the king one day.