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A Long Chinese Dragon

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A Bombastic Crown


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  • A Long Chinese Dragon

    Uncle Khaleel wants you to stick around watching his videos. :)

    In today’s episode, he will be making a long Chinese dragon using some fluorescent cards.

    Things you will need:
    - Fluorescent cards/glittery paper
    - Sellotape
    - Scissor
    - Glue
    - Ruler and some color pens
    - A pair of popsi...

  • A Dinosaur at Your Door

    Uncle Khaleel has got something interesting for you today.

    It’s dinosaurs!

    In this episode, he will show you how to bring a dinosaur to life in the form of a door hanger.

    Things you will need:
    - Glitter stones
    - Cards with 3 different colors (yellow, green & purple - A4 size)
    - Penci...

  • A Superhero Mask

    Uncle Khaleel is very excited to show you how to make a mask with tassels. A mask any superhero would be proud to wear! :)

    Things you will need:
    - Some glitter papers
    - Paper/card (A4 size)
    - Marker
    - Scissor