Khaleel's Make and Do

Khaleel's Make and Do

9 Episodes

Looking for some fun and crafty activities to do at home?

Join uncle Khaleel’s creative crowd where he shows how to make and do some fun and easy crafts.

The videos will encourage and inspire kids to discover their own creativity by bringing imagination, passion, and joy together.

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Khaleel's Make and Do
  • A Bombastic Crown

    Episode 1

    Uncle Khaleel is here in a new studio to show you how to make a bombastic crown. :)

    A great start to building up your creativity muscles.

    Things you will need:
    - Assorted color cards
    - Craft knife
    - Cutting mat
    - Sellotape
    - Glitter and sparkles
    - Big sequins
    - Scissor
    - A piece of ...

  • A Long Chinese Dragon

    Episode 2

    Uncle Khaleel wants you to stick around watching his videos. :)

    In today’s episode, he will be making a long Chinese dragon using some fluorescent cards.

    Things you will need:
    - Fluorescent cards/glittery paper
    - Sellotape
    - Scissor
    - Glue
    - Ruler and some color pens
    - A pair of popsi...

  • A Dinosaur at Your Door

    Episode 3

    Uncle Khaleel has got something interesting for you today.

    It’s dinosaurs!

    In this episode, he will show you how to bring a dinosaur to life in the form of a door hanger.

    Things you will need:
    - Glitter stones
    - Cards with 3 different colors (yellow, green & purple - A4 size)
    - Penci...

  • A Superhero Mask

    Episode 4

    Uncle Khaleel is very excited to show you how to make a mask with tassels. A mask any superhero would be proud to wear! :)

    Things you will need:
    - Some glitter papers
    - Paper/card (A4 size)
    - Marker
    - Scissor

  • Yet Another Superhero Mask

    Episode 5

    Last time, Uncle Khaleel showed you how to make the mask.

    In this episode, he will show you on how to make tassels and put them all together as a final product: the superhero mask!

    Things you will need:
    - Some glitter papers
    - Craft knife/scissor
    - Sellotape

  • Drawing Shape Of You

    Episode 6

    Uncle Khaleel has been making a lot of stuff, so this time, he will teach you how to draw some basic anatomy.

    Make sure you practice after watching this video to polish your skills. :)

    Things you will need:
    - Some papers (A3 or any size)
    - Pencil (6B or any type)

  • Drawing Lesson Two

    Episode 7

    Last time, Uncle Khaleel taught you how to draw some basic anatomy.

    In this episode, he will demonstrate how to identify the basic shape of any object you choose to draw.

    Things you will need:
    - A piece of paper (A4 or any size)
    - Pencil

  • Imagination Gone Wild

    Episode 8

    Uncle Khaleel is here to do some painting today with just a blank piece of paper, letting his imagination go wild!

    He believes paint brushes can be like friends! Do you agree?

    Things you will need:
    - Some paper
    - Some gouache paint
    - Paintbrush

  • Making Of A Nameplate

    Episode 9

    Uncle Khaleel is on a mission to make a lovely, gorgeous, blindingly beautiful nameplate for you to stick on your wall.

    Follow him to see how you can do it yourself!

    Things you will need:
    - 2 strips of different color foamy boards.
    - Self-adhesive letters of your choice
    - Double sided tape