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Let's Make New Friends!

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Let's Pray Salah

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  • Let's Make New Friends!

    Baba Ali and Mumu are excited to make new friends!

    Would you like to be friends with Baba Ali and Mumu?

  • Hide and Seek: Al Baseer (Allah the A...

    In episode 01, Sal Sal is trying to find a place to hide where no one can see him. Little did poor Sal Sal know that no mater where you hide you can always be seen by Allah All Mighty.

    Abul Waleed Helps Sal Sal to understand this concept by telling him a story.

  • Lesson 1 Alif Baa Taa and Thaa

    Mrs. Kidd will be teaching Tajweed to Haris. It’s going to be his very first lesson today!

    In this lesson, Haris will learn how to pronounce Alif, Baa, Taa, and Thaa.

    You can join them, too. :)

    Have fun learning!