Excavator Max

Excavator Max

38 Episodes

Let’s join Excavator Max to play hide and seek, and learn new words while having some fun on the playground!

Each episode brings a fun activity for Excavator Max where he needs to find the surprise egg to build a vehicle or to look for the missing ball on his carousel.

The show is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, as it develops an interest in kids to learn and explore new words. The clear narration not only helps them to hear the words but also manipulate the sounds in them, so they can pronounce the words right. Parents can also encourage kids to practice the newly-learned words in different ways to reinforce their word-learning.

So, ready for some fun-learning? Let’s join Excavator Max now!

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Excavator Max
  • Helicopter

    Episode 1

    Wow, we have lots of surprise eggs! Let’s break them one by one to see what we have inside.

    Maybe we can play hide and seek with Excavator Max before breaking them?

    Good idea! Let’s start with a green egg!

    Do you know what’s inside the green egg?

    A helicopter!

  • Caterpillar Excavator

    Episode 2

    We have a blue surprise egg for Max, but he needs to find the egg first to see what’s inside.

    Do you know what surprise we have for him?

    A caterpillar excavator!

  • Garbage Truck

    Episode 3

    We have the parts of a garbage truck inside an orange surprise egg today, but where are we going to hide it for Max to find?

  • Grader
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Max is playing with his blocks on the playground. He is having a great time!

    Let’s surprise him with a yellow egg today!

    Do you know what’s inside to assemble?

    Don’t tell Max... It’s a grader!

  • Road Roller

    Episode 5

    We have the parts of a road roller inside a purple egg, but we need to hide it for Max to find.

    Where are we going to hide the egg?

  • Concrete Mixer

    Episode 6

    Max is playing with a ball on the playground.

    Max, we have another surprise egg for you! Let’s play hide and seek now!

    Can you guess what’s in the egg today?

  • Ambulance
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    We have a bright-red surprise egg for Max today! It has the parts of an ambulance inside!

    Max, can you seek the hidden egg?

  • Petrol Tanker

    Episode 8

    Oh, we couldn’t find Max on the playground today!

    Max, where are you? We have another orange egg! Let’s play hide and seek to find out what’s inside!

    We guess you already know what’s inside to assemble. :)

    It’s a petrol tanker!

  • Crane
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    We have more surprise eggs to open!

    Max, let’s play hide and seek to see what’s inside the red egg today.

    Do you know what’s inside?

    A crane!

  • Tractor
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    We have a blue egg today! As always, there’s a surprise inside for Max.

    Do you know what the surprise is?

    A tractor!

  • Forklift
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Excavator Max, where are you? Are you hiding?

    We have a blue surprise egg for you today!

    Can you look for it?

    And do you know what we have inside to construct?

    A forklift!

  • Police Car
    Episode 12

    Police Car

    Episode 12

    Well done, Max! You are good at throwing balls into a pool!

    Now it's time to play hide and seek! We have a red surprise egg for Max today which has the parts of a small police car inside.

    Max, are you ready?

  • Tow Truck
    Episode 13

    Tow Truck

    Episode 13

    Max has a green egg to search for.

    Do you know what parts of a vehicle we have inside?

    A tow truck!

  • Dumper Truck

    Episode 14

    Wow, Max knocked down all the skittles with just two balls! Watch how good he is at bowling!

    Now we have a green surprise egg for Max to find.

    Let’s see if he could find and build the dumber truck inside.

  • Boat
    Episode 15


    Episode 15

    A red surprise egg with a boat inside!

    Max, we have hidden the egg. Can you look for it?

  • Motorbike
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    Max is ready to play hide and seek!

    We have a yellow egg with a Motorbike inside to construct.

    Do you know where we have hidden it?

    It would be easy for Max to find this time!

  • Bus
    Episode 17


    Episode 17

    Max is building a bus stop, so let’s have the yellow egg with the parts of a bus inside for Max to find.

    Max, can you look for the egg?

  • Container Truck

    Episode 18

    What a shot! Max, you scattered all the balls from the pool! Brilliant!

    Today’s egg has the parts of a container truck, but as always, it’s a surprise for Max.

    Max, can you find the hidden purple egg?

  • Big Crane
    Episode 19

    Big Crane

    Episode 19

    Max is playing basketball. Max, would you like to play hide and seek now?

    Today, we have hidden a yellow egg which has the parts of a big crane inside, but Max needs to find it to see what we have in store for him.

    Max, are you ready?

  • Police Scooter

    Episode 20

    Max is building a tower using his big blocks. Max, shall we play hide and seek?

    We have a green surprise egg for Max. It has the parts of a police scooter.

    But Max needs to find the egg to build the scooter!

    Max, can you look for it now?

  • Submarine
    Episode 21


    Episode 21

    Oh, the carousel has some missing parts on the playground! Max is going to put some picture balls to fill the empty holes.

    But what about playing hide and seek?!

    Don’t worry! We have a yellow egg with the parts of a submarine inside. :)

    Max, can you search for the egg and find what we ha...

  • Aircraft
    Episode 22


    Episode 22

    There’s a wonderful carousel on the playground, but one of its pictures is missing!

    There's a helicopter, a rocket, a passenger aeroplane, a hot air balloon; but the next ball is missing!

    Max, can you find it for us? So we can check how many pictures of aircraft we have on the carousel.

  • Train
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    Max has found the tanker wagon and the passenger car of a train, but the parts of its locomotive are inside a yellow egg.

    Max, shall we play hide and seek before we open the egg?

  • Clothes
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    Max needs to find the right ball picture to fill the empty slot on the carousel at the playground.

    We have pictures of a t-shirt, shoes, jeans, and socks. So what’s missing, then?

    Let’s find out together with Max!