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3D Hands

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The Floating Egg


Up Next in Season 1

  • 3D Hands

    Can you draw 3D hands?

    Watch the episode to learn how you can draw together with Everything Kids.

    They are also planning to visit their city farm to learn some facts about cows.

    And don’t forget to listen to their Nasheed. :)

    Have some fun!

  • The Floating Tangerine!

    Can you make a tangerine float?

    Everything Kids know how to do it, so join them to learn the trick with many exciting activities ahead!

  • Needs of Living Things

    All living things need water to survive.

    What else do they need to live?

    Follow along with Everything Kids to learn more, and have some fun making a craft, visiting the city farm, storytime, and whatnot. :)