Everything Kids

Everything Kids

12 Episodes

Join Everything Kids where they will be sharing their crafty ideas, fun experiments, interesting presentations and exciting adventures, including storytimes and nasheeds you can listen to.

The 20-minute episodes have got the full package for kids of all ages. The show is intended to offer long-term educational benefits for children.

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Everything Kids
  • The Floating Egg

    Episode 1

    Interested in making crafts with a pile of golden leaves?

    Want to know how to brush your teeth properly?

    Follow Everything Kids where they also have a trick up their sleeve to show you, with a couple more fun activities!

  • 3D Hands
    Episode 2

    3D Hands

    Episode 2

    Can you draw 3D hands?

    Watch the episode to learn how you can draw together with Everything Kids.

    They are also planning to visit their city farm to learn some facts about cows.

    And don’t forget to listen to their Nasheed. :)

    Have some fun!

  • The Floating Tangerine!

    Episode 3

    Can you make a tangerine float?

    Everything Kids know how to do it, so join them to learn the trick with many exciting activities ahead!

  • Needs of Living Things

    Episode 4

    All living things need water to survive.

    What else do they need to live?

    Follow along with Everything Kids to learn more, and have some fun making a craft, visiting the city farm, storytime, and whatnot. :)

  • Leaf Printing

    Episode 5

    In today’s episode, Everything Kids will do some leaf printing, learn about rainforests, creating a volcano eruption and more!

    Don’t forget to join them at the city farm as well. :)

  • Fingerprint Fairy Lights

    Episode 6

    Watch how you can make your very own fingerprint fairy lights with just a few supplies at home, and how little scientists attempt to inflate a balloon using baking soda & vinegar!

    Hold on! There’s more to watch, and this time, Everything Kids visit a zoo to learn about baboons.

    Have a great...

  • Jaguars!
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Today, Everything Kids pay a visit to a zoo to learn more about jaguars as they are known to be the best climbers out of all big cats in the world.

    We will also learn about how earth rotation works and how one country was beginning to wake while another is going to sleep.

    It’s not only abou...

  • The Water Cycle

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Everything Kids will not only learn about the water cycle, but they will also have a storytime all about the water cycle!

    They are also setting out on a wild expedition to Arabian Ark Nature Reserve.

    And don’t miss out the do-you-know mini quiz by the end of the episode af...

  • Milk Art
    Episode 9

    Milk Art

    Episode 9

    Do you know how to create milk art?

    Do you know how to draw caterpillars using fingerprint painting?

    Not to worry! Everything Kids will teach you how to do them. You will also learn more stuff like percentages, giraffes, and a story about The Jolly Jamaat!

  • King of the Jungle

    Episode 10

    Can you believe lions have the largest eyes out of the big cat family?

    Join Everything Kids where they will take you to a zoo to learn more about lions.

    There’s more in this episode: buzzing bees, electricity, balloon skewer, and storytime!

    There’s also a new nasheed coming out! So keep...

  • Algebra in Real Life

    Episode 11

    Do you think Algebra will help you to solve real-life problems?

    Watch how Funza academy explains it all to Everything Kids.

    There are also some fun activities to create or experiment at home.

    What do you like? To create or to experiment? :)

  • The Science Show!

    Episode 12

    Today is all about Science!

    Everyday Kids will be doing some experiments while also taking a moment to learn about Islamic inventions. They will also be sharing some interesting facts and stories about people, life, animals, etc.

    Let’s check it together!