Doctor Mac Wheelie

Doctor Mac Wheelie

41 Episodes

Do you love vehicles? Would you like to learn more about them?

Let's join Doctor Mac Wheelie in her garage to learn about vehicle mechanics!

In each episode, Doctor Mac Wheelie repairs a vehicle in her garage. She explains why it malfunctions and how she is going to fix it. She has a Robot assistant called Handy who helps her get the vehicles fixed in no time!

The series is an excellent choice for kids who love vehicles, as they get the opportunity to learn each vehicle's parts and how to troubleshoot. The program also introduces traffic rules and road safety to children, so they learn how to be street smart.

Ready to join Doctor Mac Wheelie and discover new things about vehicles? Let's get started!

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Doctor Mac Wheelie
  • Overheated Engine

    Episode 1

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie helps a big jeep to fix its overheated engine in the desert!

  • Ambulance
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Doctor Mac Wheelie spent so much time under the rain and turned sick! An ambulance rushes to rescue after Robot Handy calls the doctor.

    Get well soon, Doctor Mac Wheelie!

  • Limousine
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie transforms the little blue car into a long limousine!

  • GPS
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Little Yellow Car got lost on the road as it didn't know its route. Luckily, Doctor Mac Wheelie was there to help! She installed a GPS in the car so it can keep track of its location.

    Let's join Doctor Mac Wheelie to learn how GPS works.

  • Tank's New Transformation

    Episode 5

    A big tank visits Doctor Mac Wheelie's garage. He doesn't want to fight anymore. He wants to do something good and useful.

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie transforms the big tank into a great tractor to plow fields!

  • Snowplow
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    It's snowing! Doctor Mac Wheelie and Robot Handy try to clear the snow around their garage, but the snow is so thick, so they called a snowplow for help!

    Let's join them to see how it works and what it can do.

  • Doctor Mac Wheelie's New Car

    Episode 7

    Doctor Mac Wheelie is in a car showroom. She is looking for a more comfortable and spacious car for work.

    Let's help her choose one!

  • Car Carrier

    Episode 8

    A car carrier was carrying 10 cars from a factory to a showroom, but it didn't notice that there was one car missing!

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie found the missing car and safely brought it to the showroom.

  • Reckless Driving

    Episode 9

    A blue car crashed into a traffic light and lost a wheel. It didn't follow the road rules, and now it's inside Doctor Mac Wheelie's garage.

    Doctor Mac Wheelie, can we please repair the car?

  • Road Repair
    Episode 10

    Road Repair

    Episode 10

    Oh, the road needs to get fixed! It broke apart a poor small car!

    Watch how dumper truck and road roller help to repair the hole in the road.

  • Senya's Birthday

    Episode 11

    Senya invited his friend Doctor Mac Wheelie to his birthday party. She gifted him a red toy car, but it's not just a toy car. It's a remote control car!

  • Headlights: High Beam or Low Beam?

    Episode 12

    Doctor Mac Wheelie and Robot Handy went fishing! Now they are driving back home, but they can't see the road! A truck is using very bright headlights!

    What could be the problem?

  • Supercar
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    Doctor Mac Wheelie has a surprise for you!

    It's a brand-new Supercar!

    It's the fastest car in the world! It's even faster than an airplane!

    Wow! Let's test it together!

  • SUV
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    A dirty SUV visits Doctor Mac Wheelie's garage. It needs a clean-up!

    Don't worry, SUV. Doctor Mac Wheelie has a carwash in her garage. Go and take a shower now!

  • Fire Truck
    Episode 15

    Fire Truck

    Episode 15

    A fire truck has a problem with its foam system, as it only sprays water without foam!

    Come on, fire truck. Let's go to Doctor Mac Wheelie's garage. She can help you!

  • Petrol Station

    Episode 16

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie helped the petrol station when it ran out of fuel!

  • Amphibious Car

    Episode 17

    A yellow car wants to sail like a boat. He visits Doctor Mac Wheelie to see if she could help.

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie transforms the yellow car into an amphibious car!