Doctor Mac Wheelie

Doctor Mac Wheelie

41 Episodes

Do you love vehicles? Would you like to learn more about them?

Let's join Doctor Mac Wheelie in her garage to learn about vehicle mechanics!

In each episode, Doctor Mac Wheelie repairs a vehicle in her garage. She explains why it malfunctions and how she is going to fix it. She has a Robot assistant called Handy who helps her get the vehicles fixed in no time!

The series is an excellent choice for kids who love vehicles, as they get the opportunity to learn each vehicle's parts and how to troubleshoot. The program also introduces traffic rules and road safety to children, so they learn how to be street smart.

Ready to join Doctor Mac Wheelie and discover new things about vehicles? Let's get started!

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Doctor Mac Wheelie
  • Flying Car

    Episode 1

    Doctor Mac Wheelie got stuck in a traffic jam!

    What if she had a flying car to pass through this tailback?

  • Red Car
    Episode 2

    Red Car

    Episode 2

    Oh, no! One of the red cars' wheels got damaged! Let's watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie removes the old wheel to fix a new one.

  • Tow Truck
    Episode 3

    Tow Truck

    Episode 3

    A small yellow car was in such a hurry that it didn't notice a nail on the road and punctured a tire! Now it's time to call a Tow Truck and urgently deliver the car to Doctor Mac Wheelie's Workshop!

  • Picnic
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Cars are planning to go on a picnic, but the yellow car is in trouble! Let's watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie helps the car.

  • Yellow Bus

    Episode 5

    Oh, no! A yellow bus crashed into a stone and broke up its bumper!

    Yellow bus, let's drive to Doctor Mac Wheelie's garage. She can help you!

  • Car Check-Up

    Episode 6

    Little green car needs a check-up to fix all the problems he is facing. The big tow truck takes him to the Doctor's garage. Let's watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie sets them right.

  • Headlights

    Episode 7

    The white car had to wait for the morning to come as his headlights aren't working!

    Doctor Mac Wheelie, can you help the white car?

  • Electric Car

    Episode 8

    Watch what happened when Doctor Mac Wheelie tried to repair a black electric car: Doctor Mac Wheelie got confused!

    Was she able to discover what's missing?

  • Accumulator

    Episode 9

    When Doctor Mac Wheelie safely crossed the road after her shopping, she noticed the orange car didn't move at the green light signal.

    The car was in trouble! Its engine stopped working!

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie helped the car to start its engine.

  • Race Car
    Episode 10

    Race Car

    Episode 10

    The kid car couldn't take part in car racing as it's too slow!

    Don't worry, kid car. Doctor Mac Wheelie can help you. Let's visit her garage now!

  • Car Factory
    Episode 11

    Car Factory

    Episode 11

    Doctor Mac Wheelie is a car doctor who repairs vehicles in her garage. Today, she will visit a car factory with working Robots to learn about chassis, wheels, engines and metal-body shells!

  • New Profession

    Episode 12

    A garbage truck is bored with his job! He wants to try a new profession.

    Doctor Mac Wheelie, can you help the garbage truck?

  • Car Trailer
    Episode 13

    Car Trailer

    Episode 13

    A blue car should move many boxes and a fridge from one house to another, but the car is too small to handle the job. It needs a car trailer!

    Let's ask Doctor Mac Wheelie to see if she can help the blue car.

  • Truck Transformer

    Episode 14

    Doctor Mac Wheelie wants to build a bridge. She needs help from a big crane.

    Concrete mixer, can we transform you into a crane?

  • Toy Car
    Episode 15

    Toy Car

    Episode 15

    Senya's remote control car is not working right! He visits Doctor Mac Wheelie to see if she can fix the problem.

    Doctor Mac Wheelie, do you know how to fix it?

  • Petrol Tank
    Episode 16

    Petrol Tank

    Episode 16

    Today's episode is all about the violet car and its petrol tank.

    Let's join Doctor Mac Wheelie to learn how to repair a petrol tank.

    Are you ready? :)

  • Monster Truck

    Episode 17

    Doctor McWheelie has a secret place in her garage. Do you know what she has in store at her secret place?

    A Monster Truck!

    Let's watch the episode to see what the truck can do.

  • Robot Handy
    Episode 18

    Robot Handy

    Episode 18

    Doctor Mac Wheelie has so much work to do! She repairs many cars and trucks every day.

    Doctor Mac Wheelie has an idea! She is going to build a robot! It can help her in her garage, and they can repair more cars and trucks together!

  • Robot Handy & The Green Car

    Episode 19

    Today, we have Robot Handy - Doctor Mac Wheelie's repair helper! But he doesn't know how to repair cars and trucks at all, so the doctor has to teach him the mechanics.

  • Broken Tow Truck

    Episode 20

    A tow truck is not strong enough to carry a tractor! It broke down when it did so, but Doctor Mac Wheelie can help to fix it! She collects all her tools and rushes to help!

  • Height Restriction

    Episode 21

    Oh, no! A truck got stuck under a bridge! It didn't pay attention to the height restriction sign. And it's carrying a big house!

    Don't worry, truck. Doctor Mac Wheelie will help you. :)

  • To London
    Episode 22

    To London

    Episode 22

    Doctor Mac Wheelie woke up early in the morning and started packing her clothes and shoes. She is going to spend her holiday in London!

    Let's help her pack and get a taxi to the airport.

  • In London
    Episode 23

    In London

    Episode 23

    Whoa! Doctor Mac Wheelie is in London now, and she rides on a London double-decker Bus! Let's join her sight-seeing the Big Ben, London Bridge and take a London Taxi Cab - all while learning the Traffic Rules in England!

  • Parktronic System

    Episode 24

    Robot Handy doesn't know how to park his car among two cars. As a result, he ended up crashing into another car!

    Watch how Doctor Mac Wheelie sets up a Parktronic system on Robot Handy's car, so he can park without crashing!