13 Episodes

D-Lish is a show that gives young people the opportunity to show off their skills in the kitchen. It’s a children’s cooking competition where judges will assess their skills based on a set of deciding factors that will ultimately help them choose the winner.

The show starts with knockout rounds where the contestants will be chosen for quarterfinals, then semifinals and finally through to the grand final where one of them will be crowned as the King/Queen of D-Lish.

The series will encourage kids to actively participate in kitchen activities, help them pay attention to every detail, and how to make their own version of foods. The ideas and feedback will boost their creativity and help them identify what’s missing, how to improve, and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

  • Knockouts | Round 1 | Red Velvet Cake

    Episode 1

    It’s time to begin the competition!

    Aya and Sumaya will be competing in the first round.

    Aya’s Menu: Moroccan Chicken & Couscous, Red Velvet Cake, and Smoothie

    Sumaya’s Menu: Chicken Adobo, Red Velvet Cake, and Smoothie

    What will the judges say? Who will be through to the quarterfinal...

  • Knockouts | Round 2 | Chicken Casserole

    Episode 2

    Last time, Aya won and through to the quarterfinals.

    In today’s round, Nitalia and Zahira will be making some exceptional dishes to fight for their place.

    Nitalia’s Menu: Pizza, Chicken Casserole, Smoothie

    Zahira’s Menu: Chilli Rice & Raspberry Souffle, Chicken Casserole, Smoothie

    Is ...

  • Knockouts | Round 3 | White Hot Chocolate

    Episode 3

    Sumaya’s cousin Ruqaiyah will be participating in the competition today!

    Joining her to compete against will be Khalid, one of the youngest participants who is just nine years old.

    Who will be the winner in this round? Let’s keep the excitement on hold for now. :)

    Khalid’s Menu: Mediterr...

  • Knockouts | Round 4 | Italian Style Pizza

    Episode 4

    Khalid’s twin sister Sarah is here! It’s the family chain again! :)

    Joining her in the competition will be Aminah who is just one year older than her.

    This time around, there will be a judging sequence where the judges will be tasting the dishes soon after they are made.

    Will that be a c...

  • Knockouts | Round 5 | Iced Choco Smoothie

    Episode 5

    Last time, the competition was so intense that it became an indecisive battle leaving the presenter to make the decision.

    Would it come to a deadlock again?

    In today’s competition, we have Nusayba, coming from a family line - Ruqaiya’s cousin. She will be competing with Usama.

    Usama’s Me...

  • Knockouts | Round 6 | Summer Twang

    Episode 6

    Kashmiri Lamb, Cottage Pie, Chicken Roast… Just wow!

    No doubt today’s competition comes with a unique variety of dishes.

    Let’s see how Hunsa and Maania fight for their place.

    Will this be the toughest of all we’ve seen so far?

    Hunsa’s Menu: Cottage Pie, Chicken Lentil Salad with Rice ...

  • Knockouts | Round 7 | The Battle of the Lasagnes!

    Episode 7

    We are coming close to the end of the knockout rounds!

    It will be the moment for lads today as well as a lasagne feast! :)

    Joining in the competition will be Aqib and Hussain, and we will have a new judge to assess the lads’ kitchen skills. :)

    Is the competition getting very serious at t...

  • Knockouts | Round 8 | Strawberry Lemonade

    Episode 8

    It’s the final round of the knockouts!

    The contenders will be Maliha and Hafsa battling on this round.

    For sure the competition is heating up, but who will procure the last place today?

    Maliha’s Menu: Italian Baked Caneloni, Fruit Crumble & Madagascan Vanilla Custard, Strawberry Lemonade...

  • Quarterfinals | Round 1 | The Infamous Liver Dish

    Episode 9

    The real challenge begins, it’s the quarterfinals!

    It’s not going to be an easy win anymore. The contestants will have a tight competition with different challenges to test their kitchen skills.

    Joining in today’s competition will be Maliha and Aya who prepared some exceptional dishes that ...

  • Quarterfinals | Round 2 | Sir Loin-Alot’s Steak Special

    Episode 10

    Last time, Aya won the first round, qualifying for the semifinals.

    This time, we have a pair of contestants who challenged themselves in the knockouts, fighting for their place.

    It’s Zahira and Amina!

    Zahira’s confidence and Amina’s creativity can make the competition up to its highest b...

  • Quarterfinals | Round 3 | The Dlish Fish Dish

    Episode 11

    One more round to go to wrap up the quarterfinals!

    It had been a very interesting competition so far where contestants were almost neck and neck distinguishing themselves with very minute details.

    Today’s dish will be completely different than the previous ones. The contestants were asked t...

  • Quarterfinals | Round 4 | The Runaway Chicken Dish

    Episode 12

    It’s the final round of quarterfinals!

    We have a special pair today who showed some serious kitchen skills on the knockout rounds.

    It’s Hussain, the one and only lad qualified through to the quarterfinals who will be competing with Maania, the single-handed expert!

    They were asked to bri...

  • It’s The Semifinals!

    Episode 13

    We are almost here! It’s the semifinals!

    New kitchen, different experience, tough competition and whatnot!

    There will be four contestants (Aya, Zahira, Ruqaiyah & Hussain) competing to win a place in the grand final, but someone has had to drop out unfortunately, so there will be only three...