Color with Leo

Color with Leo

6 Episodes

Let's have some fun in the playground while learning colors with Leo the inquisitive truck!

The show is ideal for preschoolers to learn and recognize different colors.

In each episode, Leo brings his colored pencils to draw and paint a new picture while teaching the colors and their different shades. The animated videos will encourage kids to explore and experiment with colors, shapes, lines, patterns, and structure that will foster their creativity, cognition and language development.

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Color with Leo
  • Fire Truck

    Episode 1

    Leo has brought some colored pencils to draw and paint a fire truck!

    Let’s learn the colors while the inquisitive truck works on his art piece. :)

  • Bulldozer
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Last time, Leo drew a great fire truck.

    In this episode, Leo will draw and paint a giant bulldozer.

    How big could it be? Can you guess? :)

  • Loader
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Do you remember the colors you have learned so far from Leo’s artworks?

    Let’s see if you can recall some of them in today’s episode where Leo will be drawing and painting a loader.

  • Tank Truck

    Episode 4

    Leo drew some great pictures of vehicles so far.

    Today, he will be drawing and painting a tank truck which carries fuel to city vehicles!

  • Playground Slide

    Episode 5

    Leo wants to draw and paint something different apart from vehicles.

    Can you guess what he will be drawing today? :)

    A playground slide!

  • Crane
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Now you know the different shades of a color: Light blue, dark blue, light grey, dark grey, etc.

    Well done! :)

    In today’s episode, Leo will draw and paint a crane to make a tower of number blocks!