Cartoon Playground

Cartoon Playground

7 Episodes

Welcome to the Cartoon Playground! Let’s construct some vehicles to help us collect the number blocks!

The series is designed for little kids to help them learn the numbers in an interactive and fun way while learning about vehicles and their parts.

In each episode, the cartoon playground takes on a challenge to construct a vehicle using the given parts. The vehicles then help the playground to collect the number blocks and put them in the proper order so kids can learn how to count.

The series is ideal for preschoolers to teach them the basic level of counting in an entertaining way.

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Cartoon Playground
  • Dump Truck >> Let’s count: 1, 2, 3!

    Episode 1

    Let’s construct a Dump Truck to collect the number blocks 1, 2 and 3!

  • Bulldozer >> Number 4

    Episode 2

    We have a bulldozer under construction!

    What number will it collect for us once it’s ready? :)

  • Excavator >> Number 5

    Episode 3

    Now we have a dump truck and bulldozer in the Playground.

    Do you know what we will be constructing today?

    An excavator! And it will help us find the number block 5.

  • Green Tractor >> Number 6

    Episode 4

    We have some parts lying on the playground.

    Yes! We are going to build a green tractor today!

    Will it help us to collect another number block?

  • Cement Truck >> Number 7

    Episode 5

    We are building a cement mixer truck today to help us fill up the empty number block 7!

    Can you help us count the numbers we have collected so far?

  • Loader >> Number 8

    Episode 6

    We have 5 vehicles in the playground now.

    What vehicle do we have in store today? :)

    A loader! Yes, we will be building a loader!

    And guess what? The loader will be looking out for the number 8 block.

  • Big Truck >> Number 9

    Episode 7

    We have some new parts arrived in the playground!

    What are we going to construct today?

    A big truck with a big blue carrying bed!

    It will help us collect the last number block 9.

    Now can you count from 1 to 9?