Brainy Bunch Sing Along

Brainy Bunch Sing Along

6 Episodes

Let’s have a fun time singing along with Adam and his friends!

The channel is mainly for little kids who have just begun to express their emotions and experience through voice, as sing-alongs can positively influence a child’s social and emotional development.

Brainy Bunch Sing Along
  • Adam and His Airplane

    Episode 1

  • Clean It Up

    Episode 2

    Lagu kanak-kanak bertajuk Clean It Up dari Brainy Bunch Sing-Along.

    Messy classroom? CLEAN IT UP!
    Rubbish on the ground? CLEAN IT UP!
    Toys all over the floor?? CLEAN IT UP!!
    Come sing-along this song together!

  • ABC Song
    Episode 3

    ABC Song

    Episode 3

  • Down By The Bay

    Episode 4