Baba Ali Kids

Baba Ali Kids

6 Episodes

Baba Ali Kids is a fun series for children to help them improve their speaking and listening skills.

Baba Ali's funny behavior along with his friend Mumu stresses the importance of having a sense of humor, allowing kids to develop problem-solving and social skills. This will further help them make logical connections, and thus improving their recognition skills as well.

Would you like to be a friend of Baba Ali and Mumu? Let's join them!

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Baba Ali Kids
  • Let's Make New Friends!

    Episode 1

    Baba Ali and Mumu are excited to make new friends!

    Would you like to be friends with Baba Ali and Mumu?

  • Telling the Truth

    Episode 2

    Oh, no! Baba Ali is in trouble!

    Will he speak the truth or will he lie to not hurt Mumu's feelings?

  • Sharing is Caring

    Episode 3

    Baba Ali has a plate full of cookies!

    Will he care enough to share it with his best friend Mumu?

  • Brush Your Teeth

    Episode 4

    Baba Ali needs to brush his teeth everyday to keep them clean. He got a toothbrush for himself.

    Will it be too big for his teeth or too small?

  • Being Different

    Episode 5

    Baba Ali and Mumu say that being different is what makes you special.

    Do you agree?

  • Getting a Haircut

    Episode 6

    Baba Ali wants to get a haircut, but he is scared!

    Are you scared, too?