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The Hikmah of Reciting InsyaAllah

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The Wise Student


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  • The Hikmah of Reciting InsyaAllah

    Aqil and his class have planned to go on a visit to the planetarium. They have been asked to get permission from their fathers, but since Aqil’s dad is out of town, his mum couldn't reach out to him.

    Will he get the permission on time to join his class on the trip?

  • The Harm of Being Greedy

    Watch how Aqil's story of a generous farmer inspired his friends never to be greedy again!

  • Obeying Parents

    Aiman was invited to join Aqil and his friends for camping at Aqil's home, but Aiman’s parents refused to permit him until he finishes his homework.

    Could he join his friends on time?