Aqil Story

Aqil Story

11 Episodes

Aqil Story is an excellent series to teach kids about morals and Islamic values in an entertaining way. The main character Aqil depicts how to live by the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. His exemplary conduct would push kids to become better individuals and live a meaningful life.

The videos are presented in a way to keep kids amused and hooked on the stories until the end. Each episode teaches some lessons and Duas children could easily remember along with the stories. Sharing an advice followed by Aqil’s story is an enlightening piece of wisdom to wrap up each episode, leaving kids to ponder what they learned from each story.

The lessons are practical and easy to grasp. Kids will be encouraged to learn from how to make Wudu, how to pray to how to model good behavior and positive thinking.

The series also educate kids about the negative consequences of bullying and how it can drastically affect them and those around. The bad conduct of the two bullies will teach kids the importance of choosing good friends, and how to identify and stay away from bad company.

Aqil Story
  • The Wise Student

    Episode 1

    Aqil was about to participate in a storytelling competition when suddenly he felt nervous after seeing the performances of other contestants.

    Did he manage to overcome his stage fear? Who was the winner in this competition?

  • The Hikmah of Reciting InsyaAllah

    Episode 2

    Aqil and his class have planned to go on a visit to the planetarium. They have been asked to get permission from their fathers, but since Aqil’s dad is out of town, his mum couldn't reach out to him.

    Will he get the permission on time to join his class on the trip?

  • The Harm of Being Greedy

    Episode 3

    Watch how Aqil's story of a generous farmer inspired his friends never to be greedy again!

  • Obeying Parents

    Episode 4

    Aiman was invited to join Aqil and his friends for camping at Aqil's home, but Aiman’s parents refused to permit him until he finishes his homework.

    Could he join his friends on time?

  • Care For The Animals

    Episode 5

    Shafeeka lost her two kittens. She couldn't find them anywhere.

    Where were they taken and who took them?

  • The Berkah (barakah) of Reciting Bismillah

    Episode 6

    Aqil and his friends are very excited to meet their new Ustadh who is assigned to teach Islamic education.

    Can you guess who it is? :)

  • Tales of 1001 Nights

    Episode 7

    When the lights went out at Aqil’s house, his sister Amira was terrified thinking ghosts might appear.

    Watch how Aqil’s story of a satan’s trick taught Amira to fear none but Allah.

  • Respect the Elders

    Episode 8

    Teacher Adiba asked Aqil’s class to paint a picture of their choice and reveal the story behind their paintings.

    Let’s see how their stories unfold. :)

  • Allah Most Forgiving

    Episode 9

    Atif’s Android is missing! Everyone has looked around, but it’s nowhere to be found.

    Who could have stolen them?

  • My Friend The Accomplice

    Episode 10

    When Aqil and his friends went out to collect donations on behalf of their school, Aiman was put together with the bullies Khairul and Hanafi.

    Did he manage to collect funds with them?

  • Allah Most Just

    Episode 11

    Watch how Aqil explains to his sister and friend how Allah loves those who are patient despite the challenges and obstacles they face, and how He rewards them with the abundance of good in this life and the hereafter.