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Visiting Granny

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  • Visiting Granny

    Amani visited her granny Hafsa, and she learned something new from her.

    It’s how and when to say Jazakallahu khairan.

    But there was someone following her on her visit to granny.

    Can you guess who it was? :)

  • Brush Your Teeth

    When Amani wondered why her brother brushes his teeth before salah, her brother explained to her that it is a sunnah. So let’s always brush our teeth before salah, insha’Allah.

    And do you know what Zhikr we will learn today?

    It’s... Insha’Allah!

  • Yummy Fruit for Squirrel

    Let’s follow Amani to learn how to say Astagfirullah al adzim, and watch how Amani saved a squirrel from Faisal’s attack.